Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Being Human promised

Jarys here, I know that I promised a review for the British version of "Being Human", But I became quite sick after we recorded this, and forgot all about it. The show has been out for quite a while now, so I'm sure I am no less tardy.  Also, we will try to add more posts to the blog. Someone suggested this would be the perfect place to put any thoughts on media only one of us has experienced, and I quite agree. Now on to the review:


The Good
I really enjoy the concepts in "Being Human", a couple of once normal monsters attempt to band together against their inner natures to embrace their humanity and attempt to enjoy normal life again. They are joined by a ghost who is delighted to have roommates who can see her, and is still dealing with the trauma of death. The fantastic reality of their situation is still treated as serious enough that it cannot be dismissed every episode, and creates multiple interesting storylines, however humor is a welcome quality of the show. Without the humor, the show wouldn't catch my interests very much.
Moreover the main characters are very interesting and real, especially when compared to the antagonists, most of whom have embraced their monstrous natures and thus come off as stereotypes. This helps place emphasis on the main characters plight, and emphasis that would have been quite fulfilling except......

The Bad
......except that the characters ultimately fail. Really, this is a big deal for me. Call me a romantic, but I don't like to see characters I come to care about struggle for two seasons meaninglessly. At first I thought the series was just even handed, humor with serious themes. However as the second season drew to a close, I found the characters falling away from their goals in a death spiral. That was very dissapointing.

The skinny:
It's a good series, with some good dialogue and themes, but not recommended unless you like your stories dark.

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  1. Funny thing about this show is that my buddy and Iron GM Brian Isikoff's fiance went away to the UK to do make up work on that show for several months. The way it was billed to me sounded much more like the Munsters than a show that had some actual characterization. I may have to actually try it out because I do love my stories dark and my dialogue poppin'.