Thursday, March 10, 2011

So a woman called me by mistake today.

When I told her I wasn't the person she wanted to call, she started explaining the frustrations she's had with getting her call through. What followed was a thirty minute nearly one way conversation with a sweet old woman where I learned the following:

-Gypsy in italian is Zyngareta. Or something like that. She used to run from California all the time from her mother, who called her that. Also, women ruin the workplace, she used to only work with men and that was much better. :)

-The title of the book about her life will be "Don't you ever call me up if you need a ride." Because she's "A God Damn Taxi Driver, Jesus."

-The Pope blessed her personally once! And her friend was jealous because she goes to church more.

-On Marriage: "You know what you got, you don't know what you're getting into."

-The cops never came to her house because her mother was loving and tough.

-She's bemoaning the divorce rate in America. I think.

- She loves Irish dancing at the nursing home.

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