Saturday, June 16, 2012

Episode 43: Acetronic Geekertainment Expo!

The Ace of Geeks Podcast is back this week, with a report from Mike's recent trip to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA! We'll discuss the games he saw, the games they wouldn't let him see, and what you can expect in the coming year of gaming. PLUS! A new "If I Had a Hammer", as Jarys attempts the herculean effort of simply installing Mass Effect 3 on PC. ALSO! The double announcement of major gay character milestones in Marvel and DC comics is announced! IN ADDITION! I learn to use hyperbole, capslock and exclamation points while writing this description!

Episode 43!

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  1. Hey, Mike. Been going through the first season of Next Gen myself. Found out that Wil Wheaton wrote reviews of the episodes here: They're quite amusing, and definitely help me get through them.