Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Should We Pay to See One Actor? - by Jonathan Howe

Throughout the years many famous actors and actresses have gone to conventions to promote whatever project they are working on, and to meet the fans that have followed them for their entire career. It didn’t matter how big of a character they played and for how long, people lined up outside and inside buildings just to meet their favorite actors from their favorite movies or TV shows. (There's always a booth at Comic-con for the Stormtrooper who said "Look sir, Droids!" -Ed) However, there is always that random actor/actress that just didn’t want to go to conventions and deal with the people that are less than calm when in the presence of someone they idolize. In the Power Ranger fandom, there is that one person, Amy Jo Johnson.

2013 marked the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers Franchise and, as such, many conventions are celebrating. Many past Ranger actors have gone from convention to convention to talk with fans It’s always been known in the Power Ranger fandom that Amy Jo never wanted to show up for a convention. It was never clear why, though many speculated that it might be because she regretted her time as a Ranger. This news was somewhat upheld by Amy Jo herself when, during a recent interview, she stated that she had nightmares while doing stage shows for Power Rangers. It’s not clear if these were a contributing factor of her not going to conventions, but anything is possible.

However, everything changes next March as Amy Jo is scheduled to show up to Lexington Comic & Toy Convention. The ticket website has her doing “a private function with limited admissions”. It’s not clear how many seats are available and the price, per ticket is $100. Now, this doesn’t seem that bad, considering Jason David Frank, a co-star of Amy Jo’s from Power Rangers and long standing convention goer, is holding two private “functions” himself with each ticket at $75. One thing is for sure though, many con-goers will be upset as Amy Jo will not be having a booth on the con floor or walking around the convention. She is showing up for her special two hour function where the attendees will watch her two new movies “Bent” and “Lines”, listen to her sing songs from her new album “Never Broken” and then a moderated one hour Q&A session. Needless to say, fans will be upset if they can’t afford the $100 price tag to see one of the most beloved Rangers ever.

It’s been twenty years since she dawned the pink helmet and spandex and many people were looking forward to her coming out of the dark and into the light for everyone to see the first Pink Ranger. There will be people that are sympathetic to her that knows what can happen at conventions but, to make it so you need to pay that much money just to spend half the time watching a movie and a concert just doesn’t seem right. Amy Jo Johnson is a good singer and actor and I’m sure some are looking forward to listening to her sing and watch her movies but, not walking the convention or having a booth of your own? Why does it seem more like this isn’t so she can meet fans and more of just to sell her CD’s and movies? Is this nothing more than a publicity stunt? The truth will be revealed on March 11th, 2014.


  1. If she got terrified doing the live shows back when she was doing Power Rangers, then doing a convention floor is her worst nightmare. Just as former convention goer for Star Trek - we all looked forward to when the crew of The Next Generation would be on the stage at the conventions; however it took a long time for those actors and actress to 'embrace' the fans outside of fan-mail. Let's face it not everyone is 'normal' at a convention and there are those 'fans' out there that make everyday people enjoying seeing their favorite stars close up a bad name (stalkers, etc). So yeah the price is rather expensive for nothing more than a couple of movie trailers & some live singing. But this is Amy Jo's way of getting her feet wet in the convention circuit so I applaud her facing her fears but that said, I won't be paying the admission price since - if I get to go - I have to think of travel cost, lodging cost, and food costs as well as convention admission, etc. It adds up - quick. So I wish to Amy Jo - 'break a leg' - and I hope this foray into the 'fringe' world of conventions works out well for you so that in the future you might venture even further into mixing and mingling with the masses - even incognito in your 'uniform' cos-playing 'yourself' would probably be a real hoot for you and everyone else since they'd be guessing where she got all the 'normal' voice clips to use.

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