Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Day We Fight Back. by Mike Fatum

If you're reading this right now, you're ignoring the giant floating banner at the bottom of this page. Don't.

The internet is rising up today, taking this moment to fight back against the NSA and other government agencies' surveillance of innocent citizens around the world, in the name of freedom. The future is rolling forward, and the path we're taking right now is the path of the end of privacy. This is not a good thing. It does not keep us safe, it just helps us live in fear. Did you know, right now, in the UK, they're erecting a firewall that could rival the Great Firewall of China? It's designed, supposedly, just to keep porn off the UK internet (like that's a worthy goal), but the Prime Minister has already come out and admitted it could be used to keep other "undesirable" content off the 'net.

For those of you who have read books like 1984 and Little Brother, you know how dangerous a surveillance state could be. And as much as we'd all like to trust our country to do the right thing,  the kind of power that's being thrown around on a daily basis leads to corruption. All it takes is one bad seed, and from what we've learned from Edward Snowden those bad seeds are already out there.

So fight back. Prove we still love in a democracy. Use the banner right below here and contact your local congressman. Make the phones melt down. Show that we don't believe we need to give up our freedom to be safe.

This is the day we take a stand. This is the day we fight back.

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