Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Hubris of the Thaumaturge - Poem by Jarys

After laying waste to hither and yon
In search of the spell to, past death, live on
The Thaumaturge did regally descend
upon Stone Vale, the home of her last friend.
Clothed in long robes lined with the runes arcane,
The Thaumaturge led legions of the slain
Past timid village, up the rocky path,
To the teacher who had escaped her wrath.
The Mistress Magic paused her dead and strut
to knock upon the door of humble hut.

“Come out mentor, your offense I forgive
If now you teach me to forever live.
For I’ve yet to enjoy only the peace
Of knowing that my wise rule cannot cease.
I’d prefer not test your longevity
with pain. Accept my deal with brevity.”

Many minutes passed before a reply,
From obscured crone was given with a sigh.
“What I have ain’t meant for such as you,
Whose daft desire is farther than her reach.
With what I taught, much land you did accrue
And many were the ethics you did breach.”

Unsatisfied with this heavy rebuke,
The Thaumaturge swore not to let her juke.
This mad query, which was quickly endorsed
By notched arrows, from undead bows divorced.
They split and shred the weak wood of the hut
Revealing elder crone bare, to rebut.

The Thaumaturge did first a spell invoke.
As burning runes from rocky ground awoke.
They wrapped their mistress in a frame of Djinn;
Fleshed of swirling devils, the mage within.
A thousand keen swords from the hulk bristled.
In recognition of this feat, whistled
The crone “nigh evr’y lesson I have taught,
You’ve learned, but one. From this, I see your end.
You’ll die in that Djumble of Djinn you wrought;
Punishment for assaulting your last friend.”

“You will suffer first” The Thaumaturge cried
“Many have so threatened and sooner died.
I’ve crushed foes who’ve made a clearer appeal
“I'm safely ensconced in a mass of steel
and fire. This, my newest creation, grants
Me preservation from sword, shaft, or chants.”
With this final word and anger in eye,
The Thaumaturge lifted construct’s foot high.
But before she did as ambition bid
The spell caved, her hold on the devils slid.
Seizing advantage of her will’s release
Djinn set upon her, each taking a piece.

( Creative Commons License to Jarys Maragopoulos)

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