Monday, March 2, 2015

Drew Goddard to Write and Direct New Spider-man?

Drew Goddard, director of The Cabin in the Woods, writer of Cloverfield and showrunner on the Netflix Daredevil series, has been tapped by Sony to write and direct the next stand-alone Spider-man film, Latino Review is reporting. Goddard was originally attached to the Sinister Six spin-off film, and LR is also reporting that the Six will be the main villains of this film, called The Spectacular Spider-man.

They also report that Iron Man will guest star in his first film, as an already-established Spidey has to do battle with him to earn a place in the Avengers. Spider-man will be a younger, high school aged character this time, with the hopes that the actor can do multiple trilogies and be a part of a Harry Potter-like franchise. It seems to be heavily implied that this is another Peter Parker film, despite how great a Miles Morales film might be - but it's never outright said, so hope is still alive!

No sourcing is given, but since Latino Review has been given good exclusives in the past, it's possible they're on the money with this one. Goddard's directorial debut was amazing, so we'll see what he can do when given the keys to the kingdom with Spider-man.

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