Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Episode 33 - It's Dot COM!

Today! On the Ace of Geeks Podcast!
We once again welcome guest host Cameron Mitchell, who makes us feel old. We respond by making HIM feel young! Take THAT!
Also, we discuss the fall of, The Old Republic, and Alan Moore, and we answer fan mail from...Cameron Mitchell? What kind of crazy, timeline altering mischief is this?

Episode 33!

Episode 32 - Philosiphicizing!

In our thirty second podcast, we invite Abby and Mark Stone to ponder the myriad mysteries of the multiverse. We hope you like our delightfully dapper theme song. We sure do.

Episode 32!

Episode 31!

Picture This week on the show, Jarys and Mike discuss SOPA and PIPA - which were both shot down in between the time the podcast was recorded and the time it was put up. Hooray! We also give a rousing Nerdstalgia to Calvin and Hobbes, and give maybe the most unexpected Ace of Geeks Award of all time.

Episode 31!