Saturday, June 29, 2013

Episode 67: In Which Jarys is wrong about Die Hard

Picture CHIMICHANGAS! The Ace of Geeks Podcast reviews the new Deadpool video game this week, but that's not all! We'll discuss Joss Whedon's new adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, re-watching the X-files, a review of Smash Up the card game, and why you all need to MAKE SURE PACIFIC RIM MAKES MORE MONEY THAN GROWN UPS 2. And somehow, in all of that, Jarys still finds time to be wrong about Die Hard. Abed would be mad, yo.

Episode 67!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Episode 66: Man of Cardboard

Picture The Ace of Geeks is back, and we've got our review of the newest superhero flick, Man of Steel! But first, we dive into our most in-depth Harry Potter discussion ever, as Jarys has finally finished the books! Plus, we dissect Microsoft's turnabout on the X-box One, we look at the newest Star Wars casting rumors, and we'll discuss...Jesse Ventura's biceps?

Episode 66!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Episode 65: Star by Star

Picture The Ace of Geeks podcast returns! Well, half of us anyway. Jarys is out this week visiting family, but Mike gets joined by not one but TWO guests! We welcome back Eric Jacobus of the Stunt People, and welcome for the first time Alain Bloch of the Golden Gate Knights! These two Star Wars fans and stunt folks are producing a first person series of lightsaber battles against the one and only Darth Vader-but what starts as a simple interview about that turns into a fascinating discussion about the nature of filmmaking
                                                                  and what Star Wars means to the modern world. Don't miss
                                                                  this one!
                                                                  Episode 65!