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Season Finale - First hour: The Librarians and the City of Light recap

This episode turns out to be heavier than what I expected. The early dialogue is the usual, smart-assed, funny-filled fare, but it becomes rather serious towards the end of the episode. The kids are showings signs of growing up - and growing closer as a family. I was totally caught off-guard by the emotions that Zeke and Jake expressed, and it was awesome. The casts' dialogue delivery is beginning to feel very natural, and I'm actually starting to feel that these people really do exist in the real world, and they are very much becoming people that I would want in my life.

And now, here's the recap:

Our story begins with one Mr. Victor Finch exploring a wooded area just outside of town. He's looking for evidence of UFOs, and investigating reports of mysterious lights that have been seen in the area.  He's making a video with his tablet, talking about his search in a town called Collins Falls. He says that he's seen no signs of the lights himself. As we look over his shoulder at his image on the tablet, we see anomalies of golden lights flickering around him like static or plasma charges. Then his tablet goes on the fritz and finally shuts down. 

He pulls his goggles down over his eyes, and keeps talking into his digital recorder. As he's walking and looking around, through his goggles he sees what appear to be transparent humanoid forms. Surprised, he flips up the lenses on his goggles and sees nothing there. Flipping the lenses back down, he sees the forms again. One of them appears to point at him, and he takes off running. Back in town, he's running through the streets in a panic, yelling "Run! They're here! It's an invasion!" A waitress at a cafe is watching him through the window. Several people on the street stop and look at him. He makes it back to his SUV, throws the digital recorder in through the open window and gets in. As he puts the keys into the ignition, the waitress reaches in and takes them. "Is there a problem... sweetheart?" He starts to tell her that there's something in the woods. "It's not an M-1 anymore, it's a CE3... Close encounter of the third... kind - " He realizes that there are several people approaching the SUV. 

The waitress grabs him by the throat, and one of the other men puts his hands on the hood of the vehicle. Several other people have gathered, also touching the vehicle and making strange sounds. Their hands all emit a glowing golden energy, and it transfers to Victor Finch. The camera pans up, and we see that this is all going on under an advertisement for "Battery X."

At the Annex, Zeke is arguing that it's aliens. Jenkins says there's no such things as UFOs. Eve snarks, "Minotaurs, haunted houses, Santa Claus, yes... but UFOs? Don't be silly!" Zeke points to an article about Finch's disappearance. Jenkins tells him not to be fooled by any physical manifestation he may encounter - "They're absolutely not UFOs." Jake says, "The only people I know who believe in UFOs think that Elvis was the shooter on the grassy knoll."

Cassandra quotes statistics about how many possible habitable planets there are in our galaxy, and says that it's highly unlikely that we are the only intelligent life in the known universe. Jenkins is about to say something when Eve cuts him off, raising her finger at him to shush him. "I tell you what - we'll just fill in the crack you were about to make about us and intelligent life, and just skip right to the job." Jenkins, in a disappointed tone, asks "Are you sure? It was very cutting." With an apologetic tone, Eve says, "I promise to be properly offended - I mean, I probably wouldn't have even understood it at first, but I'll be offended later." They stand waiting at the portal. As Jenkins spins the globe, he pouts and harrumphs. "Where's the fun in that?"

As they turn a corner in the town, Zeke is going on about how interplanetary contact is measured. Cassie interrupts him, happily stating that he's a UFO geek. He stares at her. "No, I'm sorry - it's just that you've never really geeked out about anything before!" He shrugs. "I just think that if a super powerful alien race arrives, we should be prepared." "You're planning on selling out the human race, aren't you?" Eve asks. "I will absolutely sell out the human race to our new alien overlords. Don't fight them - they know what's best for us," he says with a smug grin. As they go past the cafe across the street, the waitress watches them from the sidewalk in front of the cafe.

They continue walking past a house with a "Home Sweet Home" shingle sign hanging in the front yard. Jake impatiently asks, "So what's the plan, Baird?" Eve remarks that they don't have a lot to go on. "Independent journalist Victor Finch went missing -" "Was abducted by aliens," says Zeke. "I will break every bone in your body -" Eve threatens.

Jake is looking at the house. He asks when the town was founded. Cassie says it was in 1953. "Hunh." Eve asks why. "9 out of 10 homes in the '50s were ranch style architecture. These look like they're Colonial revivals from the late 18, early 1900s." Eve comments that maybe they wanted an old fashioned, nostalgic look. "That would explain the gaslamps," remarks Cassie. Eve tells Jake to follow his instincts. "If you think something about the town is off, you and Cassandra see what you can learn about the town and its history."

She takes Jones with her to check out the spot where Finch's SUV was found, while Cassie and Jake go to the town hall, which doubles as the town's library. As they come out of the Carnegie Hall, they see a woman on a ladder tinkering with one of the gas lamps. Stone says, "Excuse me, ma'am -" and she chuckles. "Don't get a lot of ma'amming around here. Usually it's just 'Hey, Mabel.'" Jake remarks that her name is old-fashioned. She says she's an old-fashioned girl. Cassie says it's an old-fashioned town. Mabel talks about how she would love to see it all lit up. "That would be a sight to see, wouldn't it?" Jake says it would look like Paris. "Oui," says Mabel, "con Paris." Jake responds in French, and Cassie has the "here we go again" look on her face. "Whee," she whispers sarcastically.

Jake introduces himself and Cassie to Mabel, and she gives her full name as Mabel Collins. Jake tells her, "We're the.. uh... We're the Librarians. We're doing research on town histories." "Ah! Well, that makes sense." "For once," says Cassie with a wry smile. Jake asks if there's someone they could talk to. Mabel recommends the town archivist.

"Family founded the place, so if they don't know it, it ain't worth knowin'." Jake asks where they can find him. Mable stares at him. Jake finally gets it - "Mabel Collins. Collins Falls. You're the archivist." She smiles at him. "Hm. Brains too," she cracks.

They follow her back into Carnegie Hall. "I'm the archivist, notary, volunteer fire chief, and Chancellor of the Exchequer - treasurer, technically, but since I order the town's business cards too..." (I love that word! It's so fun to say - "Exchequer." Say it with me.) Jake and Mabel have a little back and forth in French and make flirty faces at each other while Cassie gets annoyed.

Eve and Zeke arrive at the spot where Finch's SUV was found. Zeke was hoping for crop circles. Eve wonders out loud why a hiker would park there, out of the way where nobody would notice. She comes to the conclusion that either he didn't want to be found or someone else moved the vehicle. They hear a noise, and Eve hauls Zeke by the collar over to hide behind a rock. 

Zeke throws some hand gestures to Eve for her to investigate while he runs away. She gestures back to indicate that she will kill him if he runs off. She then gestures the direction that she wants him to take, and the direction that she will be going. They head off. After walking through the woods for a bit, Zeke finds the gas-lamp pole in a clearing. (Welcome to Narnia, kids! "Spare 'oom," anyone?)
Finch comes out of the trees behind Zeke as he wonders, "Who would put a gas-lamp in the middle of the woods?" Zeke turns around and recognizes him. Finch's eyes glow, he points and makes a weird noise. He starts to attack Zeke, but Eve shows up just in time to pull Finch away from Zeke and slam him against the gas-lamp pole. The lamp post glows, and Eve gets caught in the aura. As Zeke watches helplessly, she disappears.

Back at the Annex, Jenkins admonishes them. "Only you people could lose a Guardian. A Librarian, yes, we go through them like tissue paper... but a Guardian?" The kids all start protesting at once, with Jake and Cassie placing the blame on Zeke. He says that he looks at it as Eve lost him. "I mean, one minute she's all assault and battery, and the next she's beamed up into space." Jake accuses him of running away. "No one beamed her anywhere," Jenkins says. "Says the guy with the teleporting door," Zeke retorts. Jenkins repeats that "UFOs do not exist!" "Says the guy with the teleporting door!" repeats Zeke, starting to get annoyed that nobody appears to believe him about how Eve disappeared. Jenkins shows them a tracking device. "Ah! There - see? Col. Baird is still on the planet." Cassie asks if she's safe. "She's... still... on the planet," Jenkins replies. 

Cassie reasons that whatever happened to Col. Baird must have happened to Victor Finch. "And now that we've found Mr. Finch -" Jake comes to the same conclusion. "We've got a witness." They leave to go interview Victor Finch. They find him in a hospital day room, and ask him about what happened. He tells them he doesn't remember much. "I feel like the whole last day's just... gone." Cassie looks confused and worried. "Mr. Finch, you've been missing for three weeks!"

The kids go back to the Annex with Finch's UFO equipment, and turn it over to Jenkins. Zeke asks why he's interested in that stuff. "I thought you said UFOs were a crock." Examining Finch's goggles, Jenkins nods. "They are. But the fools that chase them can sometimes come up with something interesting. " As Cassie is watching the video on Finch's tablet, Jenkins notices the electrical emissions behind Finch in the video. He talks about the goggles having some kind of aura filter, and points out the anomalies to the team. Zeke recognizes the clearing and tells them that is where Eve disappeared. 

Cassie says that someone should go back and talk to the town archivist. "That would be me." Jake interrupts Cassie, saying that he'll go. He starts heading for the door. "Oh, you wanna take this? I can come and help," she argues. "I'll go. I'll go." "Alright. He's got it."

Jake meets Mabel in the archive warehouse. He asks her for help with the case. They start talking about traveling. She mentions that she has never left town, and asks him if he's ever traveled. He says that he's never been farther from home than a tank of gas. She says it would be nice to have just one wall with memories of somewhere else - anything else but the town. Jake agrees. "I know what you mean - like, having a story that doesn't start out 'You 'member the night at Jimmy's bar?" "Or, you remember that waitress at the diner? Oh - of course you remember... 'Cause we go to that diner every weekend!" Jake continues, "you remember what happened at the town bar-b-que? Oh which one - that one? No, the other one. Oh, that one? No, the other one..."

Eve gets melancholy and starts talking about wanting to have memories from travels in Moscow... or Athens... and then she gets romantic and starts talking about the view from the Eiffel tower in the rain. She stands very close to Jake. He steps back, and tries to explain why he can't get involved with her, but never really quite gets it all out. He tells her instead that the reason he came is because some of their surveying equipment picked up readings from one of her gas-lamps in the forest. She wants Jake to show her. He asks her if he can just see some plans. "My town, my archives. Show me." She walks off, and Jake follows her.

 He takes her to the clearing, where Jenkins and the rest of the team is investigating the lamp post. He makes the introductions. Cassie is huffy - " you brought... someone who is not a Librarian... to here? Yay!" Jenkins asks Zeke if this was how he found it. "Baird slammed the bloke into it, then... poof." Mabel looks confused. "Poof? Someone went poof?" Jake nervously chuckles, saying that it's just a figure of speech. " He's Australian. We don't even know what he's sayin' half the time."

Jenkins touches the lamp post, and there's a charge of electricity. Baird appears, flickering briefly. Mabel freaks. "What the hell...?" Cassie says it was an optical illusion. Zeke says, "No - that was Col. Baird. Jenkins raises the goggles and shoots Zeke a warning glance. Zeke tries to cover his tracks by saying that it really was an optical illusion, and they call them Col. Baird's in Australia. Mabel demands to know what's going on. Stone tells her he needs her to trust him. He promises full disclosure, but he needs her to dig up everything about the gas-lamps. She goes off, and the waitress from the cafe steps out from behind a tree, watching the group. She turns to follow Mabel back into town. 

At the Annex, the group is having a meeting in Jenkin's lab. Jake asks if Eve is a ghost. Jenkins explains that ghosts are ectoplasmic entities. "Col. Baird is caught in some kind of energy discharge..." They need more data , and Jenkins has tweaked Finch's goggles to allow the wearer to see a range of energies in sharper focus. They will be able to track it to the source and figure out what happened, and hopefully reverse it. He says that Zeke will be the one to wear them. Zeke tries to refuse, saying that magic energy is more Cassandra's thing. Cassie says that she sees enough psychedelic images as it is, "so no thank you." Jenkins hands the goggles to Zeke. "You're the one that lost her."

Jake goes to the archive warehouse to look for more information about the gas-lamps. He breaks in, and starts looking around with a flashlight. The overhead lights go on, and a voice asks, "Is there a problem, sweetheart?" Mabel walks over to him. He says it isn't what it looks like. She tells him it looks like he broke in to the archives. "Hope you didn't break the lock, because I'm also the maintenance department." Jake tells her that whatever is going on with the gas-lamps could be dangerous. She says that since she can't stop him, they can work together. She points him to the early town records.

Zeke and Cassie are walking in the woods.  Wearing the goggles, Zeke finds the energy flow, which runs along the ground like the yellow brick road from "The Wizard of Oz." They follow it, and Cassie starts calculating - "Energy differentials... positives... growing...". She sees flowers - tulips, roses and pansies. She sees a definite pattern, and figures out that it's a circuit. Zeke turns to pay attention to Cassie, but when he turns back to look down the trail, he sees Eve gesturing wildly to get his attention. He lets out a startled scream, and Cassie makes a remark about screaming whenever the mood takes them. He tells her that he can see Eve. 

Cassie asks if Eve is ok. "She's... annoyed at me, so yeah. She's fine." Eve is gesturing for them to go back the way they came. Zeke relays that to Cassie, who says to Eve that the source is the other way, and that if they can get to the source they can find out what's causing this. Eve gestures some more, and Zeke translates to Cassie. "I think she wants you to go on ahead, and for me to follow her this way." Cassie snarks, "Fine. I can take care of myself." Zeke is mildly offended. "Are you implying that I can't?" "No, Baird is." Cassie goes off. Eve is gesturing for Zeke to hurry and follow her. "Yeah, yeah," He grumps. "Right behind you. This isn't weird at all."

Back at the archives, Jake and Mabel are going over the plans for the gas-lamps. They were originally planned for different positions, but the plan was changed. Jake wonders why. They speculate a little and Mable backs up, bumping a file box. It makes a clinking sound. "What kind of files clink?" Jake asks as he starts to open the box. Mabel tries to stop him, but he pulls out a bulb and a copper coil - parts for a gas-lamp.

Cassie finds her way to the dam and goes into the dam operations office. She sees a sign that says Wardencliffe Falls. "I thought this was Collins Falls?" Meanwhile, Baird leads Zeke back into town. He sees transparent people walking around in old-fashioned clothing. "That's not good..."

In the archives, Mabel is handing Jake a file folder. She tells him that if she shows him this, that he has to promise to help. He promises her that he will "do the right thing." Jake takes the file, and reads through it. "The gas-lamps were already here... because there was another town already here?! Built by - " 

At the dam, Cassie finds an old picture of some townsfolk - with Nikola Tesla.

In town, Zeke follows Eve to the cafe, and comes to a realization - "They're possessing people... They're body-snatching!" He sees a woman in front of him, pointing at him making a weird noise, with her mouth agape. He looks around, and sees that others have noticed him. He runs, and three men follow him. He has an idea about the lamp posts and snatches a picket from a fence. He whacks the lamp post, and the surge of electricity causes the people to become dispossessed. 

Still at the dam, Cassie recognizes Finch as he walks in to the office. She then realizes that it's not really Finch. He moves aggressively towards her, so she grabs a huge pipe wrench to defend herself. After smacking him upside the head with it, she runs out. 

Jake and Mabel are still researching when Zeke runs in to the archives. "Oh - hey guys. Up for a barricade? A pack of body-snatchers coming in hot..." Jake tells him he knows what's going on, and tells him about Wardencliffe Falls. Zeke is rather distracted. "Oh! Ok, I'll just be over here by myself, then..." He goes back and forth between paying attention to Jake and checking the door. Jake says that Wardencliffe Falls was built a hundred years ago as a test site. "And you'll never guess who built it! It was -" "Nikola Tesla!" Cassie yells as she runs into the archives. With a "Goddamit, I wanted to say it" look on his face, Jake slaps down the papers he was holding. Cassie goes on. "Genius inventor, rival of Edison, and pretty much the reason we have electricity in our homes. Also... Get the hell away from her."

Jake says that Mabel's just trying to help, as Cassie pulls him away from her. With attitude, Cassie asks Mabel, "are you?" Zeke looks at Mabel through the filtered goggles. "She's not body-snatched." Cassie is confused. "Body- What?" "But they definitely are," says Zeke as other people begin filing in. Finch starts after Cassie, but Mable stops him - calling him "Norman." "I thought your name was Victor?" asks Jake. "Well, why don't we start with her? 'Cause this photo is dated 1915." Mabel says, "I told you I had family commitments..." 

Now inside the cafe, Mabel explains that in 1915 Tesla was doing experiments with wireless power transmission. Cassie explains that the project was sort of like Wi-Fi for electricity, and she figures out that the lamps are transmitters. Mabel says that they are prototypes, and something went wrong. They activated the system and everyone got... "zapped."  The electricity discharge knocked the townspeople out of sync with the universe. They could see the world, but they couldn't interact with it. Jake comments, "That's what happened to Baird."  Eighty seven souls were trapped in an inter-dimensional border. Jenkins asks, "If the flux is inherently unstable, how has it lasted this long?" Mabel explains that when Tesla realized what happened, "He modified the gas-lamps - the transmitters - to create an energy field that would keep us stable. Without it, we would cease to exist."

Cassie asks Mabel why she is still in her original body. Mabel tells her, "I was in the main control room when it happened - insulated." She goes on to say that most of the people were knocked completely out of phase, but she was winking in and out. "Tesla was able to anchor me in my body by turning me into sort of a grounding wire..." Pulling her hair up, she shows them the copper bolt in her neck. Jones asks about the body-snatching. Norman gets offended. "It's necessary!" Mabel starts to explain how it's possible for them to interact with the world by doing that. Zeke interrupts her, saying that he's not so concerned with how they do it, but how the owners of the bodies feel about it.

Norman says they only use them for a couple of hours at a time, that their energy field just interferes with their memories. "They lose a couple of hours here and there, like everyone does." Zeke starts to go off. "How about that body you're in right now? You've been in there three weeks! How much time is he losing?" Jake tries to calm him down. "Alright... easy..." "Easy?! I made a good living walking the line between snatching and borrowing, but these people have gone too far!"  Norman again says it's necessary. Mabel asks them for their help. Jake asks her, "so... you gonna tells us what's going on?" Mabel says that they needed a body that they could use for a longer period of time. Someone who wouldn't be missed. She says that it was the only way they could fix things, and "we are so close to fixing things!" Jenkins asks her if she has a plan. "Let me show you." 

The team follows her to the dam. She tells them that Tesla made a deal with the government - they took over all his patents and wiped all his records. But they had to leave the dam. "The turbines have been charging the capacitor for a hundred years. He spent the rest of his life trying to find a way to bring us back, but was never able to in his lifetime." Jenkins agrees. "How could he? Dimensional re-integration takes a tremendous amount of energy, particularly for people who have been in flux for as long as you have." 

Mabel shows them the turbine housings. They are rusted, and just about shot. She says they need everything to be ready fast. The capacitor is old and failing. They need to get it done in the next couple of days. "Now that you know, will you help us? You said you'd do the right thing."

The somber team goes back to the town hall to discuss the issue. Zeke is adamant that they don't do this. "They've taken over bodies instead of asking for help! You just don't do that!" Cassie points out that they're asking for help now. "Yeah, only 'cause they got caught!" Jake says, "they're people. And they're trapped. Can you imagine being stuck for a hundred years...?" Cassie gives it a 50-50 chance. Jake asks what happens if it doesn't work. Cassie says that the excess energy will be disbursed through the lamps and destroy them. The lamps are the only thing keeping those people stable. "So if the lamps go, they go." "That's if they're telling the truth," says Zeke, angrily. Jenkins says it's not about choice. "Right-wrong, true-false... Like it or not, it's the only way to rescue Col. Baird." Jake says that he promised to do the right thing. Cassie says they'll need someone at the controls who can do the math. Zeke reluctantly agrees. "At least Col. Baird'll owe me one."

Back at the dam, they start putting their plan into action. They need to rebuild the relay point on the roof. Cassie says that carbon composite wiring will handle the voltage better than the copper wiring that Tesla's blueprints called for. Jake and Mabel take care of that. Cassie also explains that since the capacitor is old and falling apart, "its harmonic resonance may fluctuate unpredictably, which means bigger is better, and we need all the lamps refurbished and cleaned - spit shined, like fresh from the factory. We only get one shot at this. Let's not take chances."

In the archives, Jake and Mabel are working together. Jake asks her why she never left, since she's in her own body. She tells him that the gas lamps stabilize her too. If she had crossed the border of the circuit, she'd be as lost as anyone. She asks, "what's your excuse?" He tells her about his great grandfather's oil rig outfit in the 1800's. His father ran the company. When the company started going under, his father was in no condition to run it. The longer he stayed, the harder it was to leave. "You spend time with people who won't do somethin', you start feeling like you can't do it." She laughs. "And now that you know better?" Jake kisses her gently, capturing a precious moment.

The lamps are ready. Jenkins tells Jake over the radio that if everything works correctly, Col. Baird can be restored. "She's not been in flux very long, so it won't take as much energy to re-integrate her..." "Last in, first out, huh?" Jenkins agrees. "That's if Miss Cillian and I have successfully implemented the theoretical scribblings of a mad genius, using abandoned equipment that's been in water for the last hundred years." "Good pep talk!"

Mabel tells Norman they're ready. He and Cassie are in the control room. Cassie flips the switch, and the turbines kick in. The lamps start to glow. There's a power surge, and Cassie gets worried. "The capacitor... it's amplifying the harmonics exponentially!" Norman asks if it will still work. Cassie doesn't know. She starts calculating. She realizes that the energy won't just blow out the gas lamps. It will cause much more destruction than they originally thought. She tells Norman that they have to shut it down. Norman asks if it will still blow up of this works. Cassie says no, but there's only a 50-50 chance of it working. 

Norman is concerned with the 87 lives at stake on his end. Cassie is concerned with the bigger picture - there are more lives at stake than just the people trapped in flux. "We did not factor that into the risk," says Cassie. Norman is willing to take that risk. Cassie says she won't. Norman breaks off the switch handle, takes the radio and locks Cassie in the control room. The power continues to increase. Cassie tries to find a way to signal for help. She looks at a bunch of wires, and starts to think about how music is layered, and she realizes that the answer to her problem is a key change. She goes to the control panel and manipulates a dial. 

Outside, Zeke asks if anyone else hears the high-pitched noise. Nobody else hears it. He describes it, and Jenkins and Jake realizes it's Morse code - "L for Librarians!" They go to the control room, and Jake kicks the door in. Cassie is relieved that they heard her. Zeke says, "I did. What was that?" "Mosquito tone," says Cassie. "A high-pitched sound that only young people can hear." Jake and Jenkins look at her funny. "No offense... I adjusted the frequencies of the turbines to send you a message." 

Mabel asks, "What's wrong?" Cassie says, "we were. If this doesn't work, it's gonna blow. Big. Tunguska big," Mabel still believes that it will work. Cassie says that she's sorry, but she cannot take that risk. Jenkins points out that if they stop now, Col. Baird will remain trapped. Zeke says that Baird would be the first to make that call. 

Mabel says that there's a manual override switch on the roof. Jenkins tells them to go, saying that he will stay with Cassie in the control room to try and stabilize it there. The guys leave with Mabel, and get up to the roof. The lamps are starting to overload. The fence is charged, and Zeke gets a good hard jolt when he tries to open the gate. Mabel says that she's the best one to do this - she's grounded. Jake points out that with that much electricity, even a grounding wire can burn out. "You have a better idea?" Jake asks if holding on to her will ground him too. She doesn't know, but he's unwilling to let her go alone so he takes her hand and goes with her.

As they close the gate behind him, Jake sees Norman coming. He yells, "guys! Company!" Jake yells back for him to handle it. He and Mabel continue towards the override switch. Zeke attempts to "handle" Norman, and gets himself knocked out.  Baird flickers in, and jumps into Zeke's body. "Short legs - good to know." She proceeds to knock the crap out of Norman while Jake and Mabel continue to the override switch.

Mabel is starting to overload from all the power discharging through her. She gets to a point where she can't walk. Jake carries her. He asks her, "What's the name of that waiter... " They start making up memories about travelling together, and sharing them. The conversation is melancholy, and rather poignant. 

Once Eve knocks out Norman, she gets knocked back into reality. Zeke yells to Mabel and Jake that it'ts working. The can't hear him. By the time they get to the switch, Mabel is very weak. She says her "au revoir" to Jake, and throws the switch. The power cuts out, and the lamps all go out. Mabel dies in Jake's arms, and he is deeply saddened by the loss.

Back at the Annex, Zeke is still angry that they gave up on it. "It was working. It was gonna work!" Obviously upset as well, Cassie tells him, "We don't know that. Col. Baird was in there for a day. The rest of them were trapped for a century. We just don't know that it would have held together long enough to help them."  Eve asks if it will really take another hundred years to charge the capacitor and try again. Cassie tells her that there's no capacitor - "the discharge fried it. The only thing that still works are the gas-lamps." "Which means they're all still trapped," adds Zeke.

Eve tells them that it wasn't their fault. "Sometimes you just lose. You did good - all of you! But sometimes... you just lose." "This bites!" Zeke says as he walks out of the room. Cassie follows him out as Jenkins enters. He gives Eve a book, saying that it's time she had that. She asks what it is. "The appointment book." He goes on to explain that the Library works on timescales beyond the normal human life span. "If a Librarian, for example, built a new capacitor in a dam, with a few stabilizing design features... and let it charge for a century or so - " Eve gets the idea. "They'd want to make a note of it, so future librarians know there's an appointment to keep!" "Chop-chop," says Jenkins with a smile.

Cassie and Zeke are heading out for a drink. They pass Jake in the hall, and invite him to go with them. He declines, saying there's someplace he has to be. They go in their way, and Jake goes to the portal. The globe spins, and when it stops, Jake opens the door. He looks through some old postcards, and stops at the one of the Eiffel tower. Looking out the door, Paris awaits - and at the end of the long avenue,, so does the tower. He pulls his collar up, and steps through the door into the rain. 

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  1. Not an important detail missed! Loved this episode with Christian Kane in a romantic role with more screen time than usual. Still my favorite Librarian!

  2. Thanks for you comment, Louise! Glad you liked it! :) It definitely is a different side to Jake Stone that we haven't seen before.

  3. First Jacob reciting poetry and now speaking French, Wow, very few things are better. I loved that even though the team lost this "battle" there will be a way in the future to try again. I am really hoping for news soon on a renewal for this show.