Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Check out the first trailer for Fantastic Four!

Fan Poster by Mr. Steiners

It's here! It's...oh wait, no one's excited for this. Well, 20th Century Fox has been decidedly mum about their new Fantastic Four movie, directed by Chronicle's Josh Trank. There have been rumors of things as disconcerting as executives demanding reshoots, Doctor Doom as an evil blogger, and the filmmakers telling the cast to deliberately avoid the source material of the film, but Fox hasn't really responded. They've let the bad press drive the narrative of the film, until now. Now, we finally get a trailer. And it's...interesting. Hit the jump to take a look.

They're decidedly hiding the fact that they're making a superhero film, buried under layers of Interstellar style cinematography. And anyone who sees this and doesn't know is going to think the film is just called "Fantastic." In fact, if I saw this trailer in theaters, I'd have NO idea that it was an FF film unless I was really paying attention. It reminds me of how films like Sweeny Todd hid the fact that they were a musical, trying to trick the audience into seeing it.

Except...we live in a world where Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America 2 made a bajillion dollars. So why hide what you are from a public that obviously wants more superhero fiction?

What did you all think of the trailer?

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