Friday, January 23, 2015

Are All of Joss Whedon's Shows and Movies Connected?

Officially? No, not really. (Unless Joss has been hiding this from us all this time.) But an anonymous Imgur user put together a pretty convincing timeline that connects Buffy, Angel, Cabin in the Woods, and finally Firefly into one cohesive universe. Check out the explanation and the image after the jump. (Also, massive spoilers for all of those shows are involved.)

Basically, it goes like this: After Buffy Season 7's ending, turning every girl who could be a slayer into a slayer, Angel and Crew in LA begin to wake up Wolfram and Hart's Senior Partners. Desperate to save the world, the Initiative starts setting up the horror movies shown in Cabin in the Woods, making sacrifices to the Senior Partners in order to keep them from destroying the world. The kids from Cabin in the Woods upset all of that by surviving, unleashing the Senior Partners and destroying the world. This forces the Initiative and Wolfram and Hart, who'd begun working together to create the sacrifices in Cabin in the Woods (because come on, Sigourney Weaver was totally a Wolfram and Hart lawyer in that movie), into a desperate Alliance that pushes mankind out into the stars. At the same time, they begin finding and recruiting special young girls who show promise to be possible Slayers. One of those is River Tam, who during the climax of the film Serenity comes into her power and becomes the first Slayer in millennia.

It all fits! And surprisingly well. What do you think?

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