Thursday, January 22, 2015

Second hour of the season finale - The Librarians and the Loom of Fate

The season finale's last hour episode was a wonderfully exhausting ride. I spent the whole hour yelling at the T.V. as I watched it - "Whu-WHAAAAT?!?!" "Oh holy hell!" "Are you freakin' KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!" I also shouted many obscenities followed by various deities' names. I laughed, I got angry, I cried and I melted. I wanted to slap some characters, and I wanted to hug others. I wanted to be right in the middle of the fights with them. I wanted to die for them. But most of all - I came out of this with an insanely intense desire. 

I really, REALLY want to be a Librarian. Specifically, I want to BE Jacob Stone, Cassandra Cillian and Ezekiel Jones all rolled into one. I want a friend and a mom and a sister like Eve Baird and Lamia. i want an uncle, dad and brother like Jenkins and Flynn. I wish my grandparents were Charlene and Judson. And I want someone like DuLaque in my life to make sure things stay interesting.

 I wish that all those characters were real people in my life. I got so attached to each and every one of them - so much so that I got incredibly depressed when the credits rolled and I realized that there is a chance that the series may not get renewed for another season. I desperately hope that's not the case. This season overall has been a wonderfully wild ride - and it made me FEEL stuff. I haven't been touched so deeply by stories and characters in a very long time.

Personal note from a fangurl: Props and thanks to the whole team of producers, directors and writers, and to the whole cast of this wonderfully crazy, creative and imaginative show!

And now - the last of the recaps for the season... 

The Librarians and the Loom of Fate - with guest star Jerry O'Connell!

We open on an extreme close-up of Eve's face. Picture her eye looking into the dollhouse in the Heart of Darkness episode. Remember how big it looked? This close-up makes her whole face look even bigger than that. She slowly opens her eyes and raises her hand. There is blood on her fingers. A slow smile spreads across her face, and her consciousness starts to fade. 

Jake is yelling her name. She opens her eyes again, and finds herself and the Librarians in the middle of a battle in an Egyptian tomb. She and Jake are fighting off masked Egyptian mummy soldiers while Cassie and Zeke are trying to work out the combination to a portal. Jake and Eve are yelling back and forth. "Are you sure he said -" "Yeah, he said he'd appear - he did not mention the MUMMIES!" 

Zeke and Cassie get the portal worked out. Flynn appears. "Remove the medallions, and the mummies fall!" The mummies turn to dust. "You didn't mention the mummies OR the medallions," says Eve, annoyed. Flynn looks to the Librarians. "Stone? Cassandra? Ezekiel? Did I not mention the mummies nor the medallions in my memo to meet me at the Monolith of Mut?" Eve answers instead. "Nope. Next time - mummy memo. Hello, Librarian." "Hello, Guardian." "You came back alive!" They're obviously happy to see each other.

Zeke interrupts with a question. "Not that I don't enjoy a classic bit of tomb robbing, but why are we here?" Flynn says he believes that the sarcophagus they were defending holds the key to bringing back the Library. At the Annex, Eve and Flynn enter the main room. Flynn is spouting off some theory about the sarcophagus - "that's not new, of course -" "Of course," snarks Eve. "That's not sarcasm, is it?" Noooo..." "That was sarcasm." "Not if the first one wasn't." 

Jenkins is examining the hieroglyphs on the sarcophagus. Flynn thanks Eve for not changing anything. She says that she would love to, but the Annex keeps resetting it to HIS preferences - "like I don't even exist." Flynn picks up a book from the desk and starts flipping through it. "References to the pyramids as passageways to the afterlife!" 

The kids come in with armloads of scrolls. Jake asks Flynn if he thinks there's an actual doorway to the heavens in the pyramids. "I think we would have found that by now." Jenkins explains that it's not a literal doorway, but "a doorway like ours. An inter-dimensional doorway." Cassie says that it makes sense, since the pyramids were designed along strict mathematical lines. She starts analyzing, and she gets overwhelmed by what she sees. Jake catches her as she falls backwards.

"I saw it all... I saw it all the way down..." She cringes in pain, saying that she can't do this math. "The inter-dimensional space is too big - even bigger than the labyrinth was!" Her nose starts to bleed, so Zeke hands her a tissue as he looks concerned. "Oh... that hasn't happened in a while... Must be the brain grape." 

Jenkins is looking over the hieroglyphics. "This series of coordinates... they're energy equations. This leads... This leads to the Void! The space between dimensions!" T"he exact space that the Library now floats in, cut off from the real world..." Flynn goes on to say that if they can open that door, he can anchor the Library back to the Annex. 

Jenkins says that they lack "the power generated by millions of tons of finely balanced magical stones placed directly under intersecting ley lines. This process couldn't possibly work without a pyramid to power it." "Unless I could possibly find some sort of reality altering guide linked to a dimensional shifting device, along with - so we don't melt Cassandra's brain doing math equations - some kind of software that interfaces with magic. D'ya  have anything like that laying around?" Flynn asks.

"Uh... actually, here's somethin' funny..." says Jake. They show Flynn the app from the STEM fair. "A reality altering storyboard with software - Morgan Le Fay? Really?" Eve turns to Jenkins. "We never really did have that conversation." Jenkins dodges the issue. "And from the brilliant mind of Nikola Tesla, a dimensional stabilizer." Flynn tosses a ball of twine between his hands. "And the ball of twine from the labyrinth of the Minotaur. The clipping book sent you all to get these things... almost as if it was Fate."

Jenkins says that he doesn't think they will need the thread for this to work - they have power, focus and effect. "Librarian! Coordinates, please..." Flynn begins reading out loud form one of the Egyptian hieroglyphic scrolls. Nothing happens. Cassie points out that it's a storybook. "You can't just feed it numbers." Flynn gets it, and looks at Eve. "Be my guest." She turns to the book and starts creating a story. "Once upon a time..." Flynn bumps up against her, jostling her. Words appear in the book as Eve speaks. "... there was a very annoying -" "dashing," interrupts Flynn. Eve continues. "... Librarian who went to open a door to..." "His home," finishes Flynn. 

The light bulb on the table next to the book starts glowing, getting increasingly brighter. Zeke says, "it's getting some real power here." The power flows through their circuit, and Eve continues with the story. "The Librarian and his friends use the door to open a path to a place they had lost." As they watch the progress of the energy, Flynn tells Jenkins that his notes were spot-on. "Notes?" asks Jenkins. "The notes! That you sent me!" Jenkins says he didn't send any notes. Flynn looks confused.

Smoke starts to come out of the sarcophagus and everyone goes into coughing fits. DuLaque enters, followed by the ever-faithful Lamia. He adds to the story. "But then a hero arrives to set the world right - thanks to the hard work those Librarians did for him." He opens the back door, and turns to face Flynn. "I didn't want to use this option. It doesn't just change the world - it ends it." Flynn tells him that he will never get the library. 

"I'm not thinking that small. A bit more power to lock in the destination. I need blood sacrifice." Lamia nods her understanding, and bends over to pull Flynn's head up by his hair. DuLaque stabs her. She is shocked. "I loved you," she gasps in disbelief as she falls into Flynn's arms. DuLaque continues his story. "And so, with blood, the passage was opened to the Loom of Fate." He escapes through the open portal, and Eve goes through after him. Flynn follows, leaving the three young Librarians with Lamia.

They come through the portal to a river with a bridge over it. DuLaque is standing at a loom. Flynn is in the river. A realization dawns on him. "The River of Time and the Loom of -" DuLaque has the tip of a sword up to the cloth in the loom. "Here... it wall went wrong here, when Camelot fell." Flynn yells to Eve. "Don't let him cut the fabric!" DuLaque slashes through the fabric, and it rips with a flash of light. He loses his grip on the sword for a moment as the ground shakes and the air shimmers. The fabric begins to pull apart. Catching the sword, DuLaque says "if it's real, it's there... and I am."

Eve stumbles on the bridge, and is transported to a forest mid-fall. She catches herself on a stone, and accidentally clotheslines Flynn as he comes running up behind her. She asks Flynn where they are, and "what happened to your clothes?" He was wearing a white suit. Now he's wearing black slacks, a plaid shirt and a brown leather bomber jacket.

A soldier comes up the trail with a rifle pointed at them. He orders them to put their hands on their heads, and to turn around. Eve asks Flynn who that guy is, and he responds by asking her who she is. The gunman marches them to a camp, where he interrogates them. When he asks Flynn if he's in charge, Flynn says he's in charge of "the dig." He starts babbling about how he's not really in charge, he's sort of a "supervisor-slash-professor" and has all these degrees and stuff. The soldier points his gun at Flynn, and Flynn shuts up. The soldier tells them that the area is closed to all foreigners while the border dispute is resolved. He wants their papers, so they hand over their identification - Eve gives him her US Government ID. 

The gunman goes off to check out their papers, and comes back yelling about spies. He pulls Eve up. "You come with me!" Flynn nervously yells for him to let her go. He gets up, starts following them, and gets gut-punched by another soldier. Eve uses the distraction to break free from the gunman holding her, but he puts his gun sights on her and motions her over to Flynn. As she is trying to tell him who he really is, another soldier goes flying into a wooden crate.

A guy with a cloth wrapped around his head comes out and starts taking out the soldiers one at a time. He walks over to Eve and Flynn, and Flynn asks "who are you?!" The guy takes the wrap off his head, and introduces himself as The Librarian. "Librarian? Barbarian..." says Flynn. Jake recognizes Eve and kisses her soundly. Eve backs away in surprise. "Nope! Nope... nope... noooope nope..." She walks off, continuing her nope-ing. Flynn shakes his hand. "That was awesome, by the way." Jake doesn't recognize Flynn.

They go and pick up Flynn's research team, and Jake starts to lecture Flynn. "Why would you still have researchers here? War zones are very dangerous - " Flynn starts explaining about the stones and ley lines. Jake tells him to back up and explain more - "Wait, go back to that. Mystical stones under ley lines - that's what I'm looking for... Show me." Flynn says there's no such thing as magic. "Show you? Uh... that sounds... uh.. what would the expression be? Very dangerous! No. I will point the direction, and I will take this truck. Nice to meet you both - " Eve grabs him by the necktie and hauls him along as Jake grins. "You're not going anywhere." Flynn babbles in protests, and Eve shushes him. "Not now," she growls in frustration. 

She points at the guy and asks, "You're... The Librarian?" "Yeah. Going on ten years, now. How are you here?!" She tells him she's a Guardian. "Eve - you're dead! I watched you die!" Flynn is still babbling, and Eve is visibly upset. "Is this gonna be a thing? 'Cause if so, I'm just gonna nip it in the bud right now!" Flynn says he can help. He asks Eve who he thinks the guy is. "Jacob Stone, recent librarian?" she responds as if to say "um, duh!" Jake corrects her. "No, I'm The Librarian for over ten years, ok? The other guy died - well, he faked his death, but I took the job -" "At the Metropolitan Library?" asks Eve. (edit by me: This is a reference back to the first movie, "The Search for the Spear of Destiny.")

Flynn babbles something about being offered a job there once but he never showed up. Then it hits Eve. She explains to Jake that in her reality, Flynn is The Librarian and she is his Guardian. An emotional shadow crosses Jake's face for a moment as he says, "you were my Guardian - ten years ago, right after your military intelligence training." Gunshots send bullets in their direction. They duck, and Jake urges Flynn to get them to the stones. 

When they get there, Eve asks Jake how she died. Jake tries to evade the question. "These stones - I've seen them before! In South America... In Egypt - " Eve cuts him off and asks again. He tells her that she stopped DuLaque from stealing The Library. "Charlene and Judson threw The Library into another dimension, and you were stabbed. You bled out in my arms." She tells him that's her version too, except the part where she dies. "Excalibur? Buckingham palace...?" Jake says he may have been too late, but he stopped them. Eve is incredulous. "Too late?! There's magic in the world!" Flynn says, "there's no such thing as magic." Jake angrily explains that without the Serpent Brotherhood's control, it's wild magic and the best he can do is to hunt down the magic items and keep them out of the wrong hands. (A reference to the "Sword in the Stone" episode - part two of the pilot, in which the Brotherhood gains control of both the crown and Excalibur, thus control of the magic.)

Flynn notices that the trees are wrong - they don't belong there. The pine trees are not found in that part of the world. Jake says he wouldn't have spotted that - unmarked in history...  "But you being here - spotting that... it's like - " "Fate," finishes Eve, warily. She points out where she came in, and Flynn tells them that the pine trees form a pattern around the stones and have "ancient metal spikes" in them. Jake figures out that the stones are a teleportation device, and that the spikes create the resonance needed to activate it. 

Gunfire hits the trees, and Eve and Flynn move to stand in the center of the stone formation. Jake starts whacking on the spikes, creating the resonance field. He figures that Eve and Flynn came from another timeline, and for some reason they are getting dragged into the weak spots in reality. Eve urges him to come with them, but he has to stay there to keep the thing powered. "If I get this right, I can send you guys back!" He stops for a moment, and looks at Eve. "In your world, we didn't have our ten years." "We just met a few months ago. Still friends, though - despite ourselves, sometimes.." Jake looks dejected for a second. "Then the alternate me's an ass, 'cause I missed you, Eve." Jake takes another whack at a spike as soldiers come out of the woods. "Stone, they'll kill you!" With a wry grin, he says "let 'em try. I'm a Librarian."

Eve and Flynn pop out of that reality and into a new one inside some kind of tech lab. Flynn is amazed at the fact that they just teleported. He babbles some technical language about it, and a voice from above them responds. "You mean magic, mate?" They look up, and there's a youngish looking guy with a narrow white streak in his hair looking down over the railing of a deck. Eve gasps. Flynn starts babbling again. "Hi. We're on an adventure. Or I've lost my mind. Or both. Who are you?" With a pissed off look on his face and an angry tone of voice, Ezekiel says "I'm The Librarian." 

Zeke is explaining to them what he thinks is happening to them. "Sideways, actually - I think you're moving sideways between different time lines, each one with minor differences." Flynn asks if he's in a parallel universe. "Is there a me here?" "Theoretically," replies Zeke. Flynn starts to panic. "If I met myself, would I explode?! Do you have a pen?" He goes over to the whiteboard and starts to analyze. 
Eve looks at Zeke. "And me? Please don't tell me we're involved." "What?! No! No no no!" Eve is relieved. "You were like a mother to me," Zeke says. "Wait-what? That's mathematically im... probable..." Flynn says, "Um... That's not true -" Eve shushes him.  "Actually, that's not helping." He goes back to his whiteboard. 

She turns back to Zeke. "Were? Why past tense?" Zeke gets a little emotional as he explains. "It tore me up. You became my Guardian as a teenager. When you were stabbed, the day DuLaque tried to grab the Library, it was the day you died... Worst day of my life." They give each other a meaningful look. Breaking the tension, Zeke says, "Not to look a gift-Guardian in the mouth but maybe you can help us with our ghost problem." Eve says that ghosts aren't really the Librarian's job. "Well, they are now. He raises the window blinds, and they look down on a seemingly endless sea of ghost-people. "Welcome to Ghostworld."

Zeke explains that there was a house that granted wishes. Eve sighs. "The killer from the past." Zeke nods. "Didn't put her down quite right. Her last wish opened up a hole in the world and let in all these - " "Ghosts!" exclaims Flynn, coming over and looking out the window. Zeke explains that they're actually possessed people. "Most of the world, now - just maintaining life." Flynn runs out of the room. Zeke remarks, "he's not taking this very well. Who is he?" "The Librarian," says Eve with an edge to her voice as she goes after him. "The way my year's been going, he's welcome to the job," says Zeke. "Sod off, Deadites!" (A nod to the "Evil Dead" movies.) Zeke drops the window shade in disgust.

Meanwhile, in another room, Eve catches up to Flynn. He's having a "No-no-no this is not happening" meltdown. She assures him that it is happening. He asks her why she's so calm about this, and she tells him that she's had some experience with the weird lately. Flynn yells at her, "What is a Librarian?" With a sigh, she calmly explains. "They're the ones who protect us from the magic, and the weird, and the things that go bump in the night." He asks what a Guardian is, and she tells him "we're the ones who protect the Librarian." "And die?" "Apparently." "And that doesn't freak you out?! I'm totally freaked out!" 

She asks him why he didn't answer the letter from the Library. "Did somebody interfere?" He says he knows himself - he was comfortable at the university so he didn't go. "Just a twist on a random thread in the Loom of Fate." Eve has a flash of herself with the blood on her hand. "Why did you say Loom of Fate?" "Because it's a Greek myth." He starts going on about it also being a myth from different parts of the world. "Skip, skip, skip," she says. He explains that all of their lives, choices and history are all woven together on the Loom of Fate. Eve remembers that DuLaque cut the fabric. "And when he cut the fabric, he cut history!" A loud bang comes from the other room, and Flynn nervously says, "I guess we should go see what that is."

A man and a woman are hurrying up a flight of stairs, followed by a bunch of the ghost people. One of them reaches out and possesses the guy. The girl runs up the rest of the stairs. "Mr. Jones - they're here!" Zeke asks for ideas. Flynn says "The Odic force." Zeke looks confused. Flynn starts giving instructions to Zeke's tech team. "He's not making sense," says Zeke. Eve laughs and says it's a good thing. 

Flynn has a running blab about telepathy and stuff while he hooks up what looks like power cables to a console with meters on it. "Wrote a paper on it once..." "Wouldn't know about that, mate. Tech and security's more my thing -" Eve interrupts Zeke. "Right! Not history! You have a blind spot that he can fill." Zeke tells his team - "Team Jones" - to do whatever Flynn says. Flynn says, "Team Jones - gimme your shoelaces!" Zeke heads downstairs with Eve following behind him. 

They try to hold off the ghost people with a whiteboard. Eve asks, "Team Jones?" Zeke explains that he started a business, and branched it out through franchises. "You made a profit off of being a Librarian." She is clearly disapproving of that. Zeke smiles. "I've seen that look before." "Some things never change." They are overrun, and bolt back up the stairs. At the top, Flynn has his electronic ectoplasmic dissipator ready. ("Who you gonna call?") As Eve and Zeke go past him, Flynn hits the first ghost with it. 

The current surges through the ghost people, freeing them from their possession. The crowd breaks into cheers. To Flynn, Zeke says "well done, Librarian. You just saved the world with magic." "I don't know about that... more of a misunderstood mathematics." "It's magic, mate. you're a Librarian. It'll grow on you." Zeke starts instructing his team to set up a containment field as Flynn and Eve start to fade in and out of the reality. Flynn babbles about disrupting local energy fields, and Eve says that they're hopping time lines. Zeke says, "for what it's worth, it's good to see you again, Col. Baird. And thanks for bringing him along too. You two arrived here just in time. Just like it was Fate. " Eve and Flynn pop out of that reality... 

... and into an old factory. The beating of wings is heard, and loud roaring. Flynn astutely remarks, "That's a dragon." "No shit," says Eve. Flynn gets hit with a dart, and he starts to verbalize his analysis of it as he passes out. Eve gets hit with a tazer and goes down. Lamia and two guys are there. "Bring them to the boss," she tells the men. 

Inside, Eve and Flynn are tied, and Flynn is gagged. When they come to, Lamia barks at Eve. "Who are you? You are not Eve Baird - I saw her die." "Well, I just saw you die so I guess we're even," Eve says testily. Lamia is holding out a dagger. "I don't know what sort of trick this is, but when my liege comes - " "DuLaque!" Eve kicks Lamia and sends her flying back hard. Standing up, Eve kicks the men standing behind her. Lamia gets up. Eve turns to her. "Pro tip - always tie people to the chair, not just in the chair." A robed, hooded woman enters. "Enough!" With a wave of a hand, Eve and Lamia are forcefully separated and Lamia is contrite. "My Librarian - apologies!" The woman removes her hood to reveal Cassandra's face.

She walks over to Flynn and removes the gag. "Aren't you interesting," she says. Her voice is Cassandra's but the tone is that of a mystic being - firm, strong, calm. You're not from around here - or rather, from around now." She turns to Eve. "Eve... but not my Eve." "Please don't say I'm like your mother." Cassandra chuckles. "No. nothing like that. Walk with me." She raises her arm and snaps her fingers, and Lamia follows like a well trained hound.

As they walk, people bow their heads as they pass. Cassandra is uncomfortable with the gesture. "You saved them from the dragons. They owe you that fealty." Eve is perplexed. "Ok - what is this?" she asks, waving a finger back and forth between Cassandra and Lamia. Lamia says that she is Cassandra's Guardian - she took over when Eve died. "So I die in every time line," remarks Eve. 

Cassandra realizes that they are skipping through alternate timelines. "Morgan LeFay warned me that something was coming." They enter another room as Cassandra opens the doors with a wave of magic. There's an easel with a drawing of the Loom of Fate in the room. Eve recognizes it, and tells them she saw DuLaque cut the threads. Lamia tells Eve, "DuLaque's dead. I killed him after he killed you. Taking the Library was one thing... But Cassandra... Excalibur healed her. She was the chosen one." 

Eve gets another flash of her bloody hand, and she explains to Cassandra that in her time line, when DuLaque cut the fabric in the Loom he wanted to go back to when Camelot was around. "How would that even work?" Flynn explains that the Loom of Fate just "spits out history," so if you cut it at a certain point, it would end history. Then history would start again from wherever you cut it. He says, "but I don't understand - why Camelot?" Then he realizes why. "DuLaque. King Arthur." Cassandra clarifies. "DuLaque wanted to start history over at Camelot, at the height of his power, and the power of magic. He's a fool. He cut the thread of Fate but he didn't re-weave it. Now the fabric of history is frayed." She goes on to explain that they are skipping from thread to thread, each one another possible path history could have taken. 

She magically pulls a book to her, startling Flynn. Eve asks, "What's with all the magic?" Cassandra tells her that they learned how to use it in order to hunt it. "When my brain tumor grew, I used magic to save my life - but it altered my brain permanently." With a small smile, she looks at Eve. "You never did approve."

"This is horrible," Cassandra continues. "History will continue to unravel until all of time is undone." Eve asks how to fix this. "We don't." Cassandra tells Lamia to gather the others. "We lost, Eve. We had ten good years, and in the end... we just lost." Cassandra plans to evacuate the world - "Morgan Le Fay taught me how to open doors. I'll take as many through as I can."

Flynn tells her she can't give up - she's a Librarian. "Stone was a Librarian, Ezekiel was a Librarian-" "I don't know who you're talking about." Flynn tells her that he didn't see the others give up, and she seems to be holding out longer than the others did. "So why would you give up?" Cassandra looks at Eve. "He's your Librarian." Flynn denies it. He quit, but now he knows what he could have had. He wants it now. He wants to save the world -"one last time," says Eve.

Cassandra asks how he would do it. Flynn starts talking through the concept of re-threading and re-weaving the loom. Cassandra says that it's magically possible but they will need a very specific thread - "something ancient, and charged with dimensional power. Something tied as closely as possible to the original Greek myth. I don't suppose you have one of those lying around?" Flynn shakes his head. Eve says, "Here's something funny..." (Where have we heard that exchange before?)

They go to the portal, and enter the Annex. There's what seems like a millenia of heavy dust and cobwebs all over everything. Cassandra says she has never been to the Annex before. Eve freaks out when the ball of twine from the Labyrinth isn't on the table where she left it. She goes looking for Jenkins, yelling his name. Cassandra looks at Flynn. "You care for her." He denies it. "She will die for you, no matter how much you don't want her to. Never forget that."

Eve comes back, still freaking out. Flynn reminds her that this isn't her time line. Whatever happened in her time line hasn't happened here. She asks Cassandra how she can get back to her time line. Cassandra says she can't. She talks about how history is fraying and the threads are getting further and further apart - "you can't go back." Eve looks dejected. "We failed..." Flynn says they haven't failed. "There's always another chance... another trick, always something left to learn. History's unravelling... like a rope. Like a sailors rope." He starts going on excitedly about how a sailor "hauls the rope, and he throws the rope, and he cuts the rope, and he splices -" 

He gets more excited. "We could splice the threads of history together..." Cassandra follows his thought, and says it can work, but she will need a focus - something that is common across all the time lines she has traveled. Flynn and Eve hit the same realization together - "The Librarians!" Cassandra casts a spell to punch a hole in three universes. Flynn hears something and asks if Eve hears it. Cassandra shushes him - "I'm doing math." They wait, and watch. 

In his lab, Zeke is looking over some notes on a clipboard when he is pulled from his time line. Jake is in the middle of giving someone a smackdown when he is pulled from his time line. "Well... that just happened." As they all join hands, Cassandra says "concentrate, Librarians... your lives, your histories and your friends." Jake asks Zeke if they're Librarians. "We are Librarians. Of course!" 

Everything goes dark, and when the lights come back on they are in the Annex in Eve's timeline. Jake warily asks "who's world is this?" "Hers," replies Cassandra. Eve is grabbing the ball of twine from the Labyrinth, from the table where she left it. Cassandra magically opens the back door. "The doors to the Loom are open, beyond space and time. Concentrate on the moment you left, and you will arrive at that exact point."

Eve thanks Cassandra and grabs a sword, but as she and Flynn are about to cross through the portal he turns. He tells them that if they do this, they - The Librarians - will cease to exist. Jake smiles. "It's been an interesting life." "A life of mystery and misery," adds Zeke. "Of loneliness but adventure... and a chance to make a difference," says Cassandra. Jake nods. "A chance to save the world every week - twice before Friday. Go kick some ass, Librarian." 

They arrive back at the River of time, and stumble onto the bridge. Eve tells Flynn, "I assume you have a degree in ancient weaving." He starts to babble about his degree being folded into another degree. "Shut up and weave." Flynn takes the ball of twine and goes to the Loom. Eve takes up a defensive position in front of it. "Who are you looking for?" asks Flynn. "DuLaque should still be here." "Should I be worried?" Eve looks over her shoulder at Flynn. "He's a pretty frail old guy -" She gets body checked to the ground by.a knight in medieval Camelot armor. She loses her grip grip on the sword. 

The knight knocks Flynn to the ground as well, and points his sword at them. Flynn grimaces in pain. "You call that frail?!" The knight grins. "Rewound history to Camelot, and this was me, at Camelot. Lovely side effect, really..." As they get up, Flynn goes to hide behind Eve and the Loom. Eve asks DuLaque, "what's with you and Camelot?" "It was perfect! A just king, knights of honor, magic to control the world - it was a perfect world." "Until you ruined it, DuLaque - Lancelot Dulaque!" says Flynn. Eve stands in front of the Loom, and DuLaque stabs her. She goes down like a sack of stones. While Dulaque is distracted, Flynn grabs Eve's sword. He attacks DuLaque/Lancelot, swinging the sword wildly with both hands. 

Eve lays on the rocks on the river bank, dazed. She brings her bloody fingers up in front of her face, like in her previous visions. Lancelot kicks Flynn to the ground. "She was fated to die saving her Librarian." Flynn gets up and swings at him again, but he punches Flynn in the face and Flynn goes down yet again. "There are versions of you than might have had a chance - but there's only one swordsman my equal, and you are not him." Lancelot/DuLaque sets up for a killing strike, and is blocked - by Jenkins' sword. 

"Lancelot." The knight backs up in disbelief. "Galahad!" DuLaque/Lancelot asks Jenkins/Galahad why he's doing this. "Camelot fell. That was it's fate," says Jenkins/Galahad. "Mr. Carson - will you please restring the loom!" Flynn starts weaving while Jenkins and DuLaque duel. The fabric starts glowing, and the frayed edges of the gash start magically repairing. 

DuLaque/Lancelot says "We had magic then! The world was a better place!" Really?" replies Jenkins/Galahad. "Wild magic, cruel kings, mad wizards... it was a pip!" Flynn continues to pull the thread, and the fabric weaves tighter. DuLaque/Lancelot is losing the sword fight.  "The stupid little humans need to be ruled by kings!" Jenkins is furious. "No! They have earned the right to rule themselves - the time of kings has passed!" He forces DuLaque/Lancelot against the bridge railing. 

The fabric has completely repaired itself, and DuLaque - now old again - disappears in a flash of light. Flynn is now back in his white suit. He goes to Eve, and asks Jenkins why she's not better. "This is her fate... I'm sorry," Jenkins says. Eve says, "Hunh. I do die in every time line." Flynn shakes his head. "No... there's always another trick, always another chance." He has an idea. Jenkins helps him get Eve up, and he tells Jenkins to get ready to jump. "Jump? Where?" "Everywhere." They all disappear.

They go through the portal into the Annex. Jake is covering Lamia's face with a blanket. When Flynn and Jenkins come in carrying Eve, Jake yells at them. "Where ya been? What happened?" he asks. Jake and Zeke take her, and Flynn goes to finish the storybook. He holds his hand with Eve's blood over the page. "With this blood, the passage opens... to The Library." Jenkins hears a noise at the back door. He opens it. "Yes! Go!" They all go through the door into the main branch of the  Metropolitan Library.

The group stops on the stairs, and they let Eve down. Flynn takes off running down the main corridor, shouting. "The Library's back!" Cassie yells, "She's dying,and all you care about is The Library?!" Zeke says, "She brought The Library back! She gave her blood!" Flynn keeps going. "Yes! The Library - and everything that's in it is back!" 

He takes a turn down between some shelves, looking for something specific. On the stairs, Jake is measuring Eve's pulse. "She's fading... I can't feel her pulse." Cassie yells, "Flynn! Whatever its is - Now!" Flynn finds what he's looking for in a box on a shelf - the healing potion. "An ordinary wound..." He runs back to the group with it. Jake still can't find Eve's pulse. "I got nothin'." 
Flynn comes back with the elixir. He makes Eve drink some. Her wound magically heals, and she wakes with a deep gasp. "I was supposed to die..." Flynn smiles at her. "No. I don't believe in fate." Eve looks at her hand - no blood. Looking around, Cassie says, "The Library's back!" Eve asks Flynn how it feels. "Like home." 

At the Annex, Flynn tells Eve that the "graduation gifts" are on her desk. She goes to retrieve them, and is pleasantly surprised to find it neat and organized, and to her liking. Truly her desk now. The Annex has finally adapted to her presence. She picks up three little books, and goes to the group. "We had Jenkins make up small versions of the clipping book. Every day, a new mystery." Flynn hands them out - first to Jake, who asks "different ones?" "Yes! Isn't that wonderful? Team up on some, split up on others." He hands Cassandra hers. "Come get us if you need any help - but don't need too much help - That would be disappointing," he says as he hands Zeke his, holding on tightly for a moment before allowing Zeke to take it. 

Jenkins comes in with an envelope for Flynn from Charlene. He starts up the stairs. "Goodbye, Librarians! Come back alive!" says Flynn with a laugh. Zeke wants a break - "despite my heroics, still a bit... judgey in here." Jake says he's been telling his family he was working on an oil rig in Texas, so maybe he'll go visit them. Cassandra regretfully says, "my family and I aren't really... yeah. I think I'll try a case," she says and smiles. She opens her book slowly and it glows. She reads, and smiles again. "Deep breath!" she says, and starts towards the door. 

Jake asks her where she's going. "Lima. Peru." Zeke wishes her good luck, and she leaves the room. Zeke runs and catches up to her in the hall. " Actually, I know a great little cafe in Lima..." Cassie's face lights up. Jake follows. "You know, I've been meaning to check out Machu Picchu." Zeke says, "I didn't know you like wrestling." "That's not - You don't know what Machu Picchu is?! How do you call yourself a Librarian?" "I'm just as much one as you - I got a book! " "Yeah, a pity book!" Cassie is smiling. She has found her new family. 

Back in the Annex main room, Eve approaches Jenkins. She thanks him. "Sorry?" "For... everything you did at the Loom. You saved us." "While I was undoubtedly heroic, like the others I'm afraid I don't remember what happened while history and fate were - you know... wahwahwah - unspun."  She tells him that Flynn says he can't remember anything either. Flynn responds from upstairs - "Vexing! Still vexing!"

She asks Jenkins how her line stayed intact across all those threads. He ventures a guess that it was because she did it before - the Christmas affair. She fractured in Santa's place, across space and time. So she was prepared to hold up under similar circumstances. "That's a hell of a coincidence," she says. Jenkins goes on. "Remember - the story book, the Tesla device, the thread... all required to bring the Library home. Almost as if these past months, your missions had been directed by fate itself." Eve points out that the clip book didn't send them to Santa - he did. "Coincidence," he says with a smug grin as he turns and walks away. 

Flynn comes down the stairs, whistling. She says that he doesn't remember anything either. "Oh, bits and pieces. I saved the world at least once, right? So business as usual." She tells him that she got to see what he was like if he wasn't the Librarian. He asks her what he was like. "Scattered. Annoying. Alternating between genius and bad puns." "So... business as usual." The clip book starts acting up. Flynn guesses monsters. She says "Nah. Mad scientist, evil cult maybe..." He makes a clumsy attempt to ask her out, and she calls him on it. "You're asking me on a date." "Good.. yes, I am. Good, 'cause I had about nine more minutes of that." 

He spins the globe, and Eve asks where he was thinking of taking her on this "date.". He grabs his satchel and her coat. "Going to fight -" "Investigate!" "An evil cult-" "Monsters!" "Is your idea of a date?" He backs up against the door, smiling at her. She asks if he has any idea what's on the other side. "Nope." With that, he opens the door. He takes her hand. "Isn't it great?" Together, they go through the door.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and the finale. The only thing is that the other Librarian who faked his own death ten years before was from the first movie not the first episode of the series.

  2. You are correct, and I goofed. Nice catch, though. I've edited the article to reflect the correct reference. Thanks, Heidi! :)

  3. The series finale was a delicious romp. I will miss The Librarians on Sun nights, especially the wonderful Christian Kane. Despite the number of lines written for them, Christian Kane and John Larroquette ruled the show with their talent, comedic timing, and facial expressions. I hope TNT renews The Librarians for another season.