Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chris Pratt to Play Indiana Jones? Over My Dead Body - By Kyle

So, I don't usually pay any attention to rumors and speculation, but I'm buried under three feet of snow and I have nothing better to do and Mike loves to tag me in things that will make me mad. Deadline is reporting that Disney is not setting its sights on the Indiana Jones franchise, with not an aging Harrison Ford putting the fedora and whip back on, but Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt.

Now let me say that I honestly do not have a problem with someone else being Indiana Jones. Despite my love of Harrison Ford and growing up with him as Indy, I have no problem with him receiving the James Bond treatment with other actors stepping into the role to keep the iconic character alive. However, I feel that Chris Pratt is the complete wrong choice for the character.

Chris Pratt is a fantastic actor, but I do not believe him as a serious academic, like Indy is. Pratt is lovingly goofy, Indy is not (though he does have his moments.) And despite how charismatic Pratt is, he lacks Indy's swagger and certain kind of charm. The only actor that I would want to see in the role at this time, other than Ford (I don't care that he's a geriatric!) is Bradley Cooper and I think anyone other than that would be a giant mistake. I really hope this report on Pratt turns out to be just a rumor, because I think Disney would be making a huge mistake that could finally bury the character.

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