Monday, June 30, 2014

Greendale Community College Saved from Oncoming Comet!

     Earlier this year, the show "Community" joked that, after five seasons, they would definitely return for a third...unless of course the fictional school of Greendale Community College was hit by a meteorite. The after credits joke even included a line up of truly eye-roll worthy programs that would be replacing the show. Whether the writers knew something we didn't at the time or were just intelligent enough to be precognisant (which explains the awesomely clever comedy on Community), the show was indeed cancelled. And, lo, were the wails heard from the Janitor's closet to the Biology room.

     However, the show's creators were hard working, and there were rumors of their attempts to find a home for this magnificent show, including at Netflix. Finally, as of today, we can say that Community will live [record scratch]. Yahoo, also known as from whence your grandparents get their forwarded joke-emails and the latest celebrity gossip, has not been known for being a visual content distributor. Perhaps that is about to change. Perhaps this is NOT the darkest timeline.

For more information, try here!

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