Thursday, June 12, 2014

ReBoot getting a Rebo- I mean Sequel?

     Of the many cartoons that rocked some form of computer graphics in the nineties, such as Spider-Man and Beast Wars, none were as all encompassing, versatile , or as heartfelt as ReBoot. ReBoot used physical comedy, puns, and complex metaphors to depict life for programs inside a home computer. It, uniquely, portrayed the user not as a god but a malevolent force of chaos. When games were opened, whole sections of the cityscape sectioned off and our protagonists had to act as the forces acting against the user in the game. The show had a strange and often dark sense of humor and style. It was also, on occasion, silly. At one point, entire seasons were summarized to an all-cast chorus. Of course, they sung to the tune of "Modern Major General." Glorious.

Fans Love ReBoot!

     Well now, ReBoot may be coming back. Rainmaker Entertainment is bringing back its television entertainment wing, called Mainframe Entertainment, with two shows; a new ReBoot and a show based off of the Tiger's Apprentice book series, which will also be created with CGI. They have also announced that Jane Start, Producer of Tuck Everlasting and The Indian in the Cupboard, will be working with Mainframe. After two decades of  development in computer animation and the advance of computer literacy, this may be the perfect time to renew (and, hopefully, not) ReBoot.

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