Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is a New Star Trek Show on its way to Netflix?

After almost ten years since the last Star Trek show was on anything but syndication, there are more than rumors that Star Trek producers are in talks to make another show....talks with Netflix. Star Trek Producer Larry Nemecek announced at the Phoenix ComiCon that CBS is talking with Netflix about producing a Star Trek show that would run on the exclusively website. Naturally, Netflix approached CBS with the idea. 

It's obvious why they would. Netflix consistently lists Star Trek shows as among their most streamed series. They know they have an audience. But can they appease that audience? Star Trek is easy to do wrong but incredible when done well. The last show, Enterprise, fell flat with many fans which led to it's unique ending concept. Can Netflix deliver that sweet sweet powdered Tribble? And now that there are voice activated computers, hand held communicators, and 3D printers while the corporations that bring us these wonders acting more and more cyber-punk....has the world ever been more ready for Star Trek's optimistic future to be delivered to their handheld devices?

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