Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome to Nightvale Denied a Panel at Comic-Con

Dear Readers,

I come to you today with urgent news. No, it isn’t the news about the ominous flock of three-eyed birds that have been circling the Jack in the Box for three days without rest or alteration in rhythm. Neither is it about the carnival that came to town nor the people mysteriously vanishing with it. No, I come to you with some more severe. Something for which I must ask you to sit and if you are sitting I must ask you to stand.

Welcome to Nightvale will not be at a comic book convention.

Though I shuddered even through that very sentence, this news is as real as anything. Which is to say it isn’t real at all, but we should still ascribe it meaning for personal reasons. Welcome to Night Vale will not have a panel at Comic Con.

This news came to us today for reasons I cannot say. By this, I mean I physically cannot say it. When I try to speak it, my mouth binds to itself as if by unholy curse or that type of peanut butter Carlos insists I try but I do not like. There are some that speculate that it was due to our late application. Still others that believe it was a deliberate rejection of our specific radio broadcast by Comic Con officials. I cannot affirm these, nor may I submit my own theories. I can only tell you that if you go to Comic Con expecting a panel consisting entirely of five people describing their lives in perfect unison… if you were excited to join a Q&A where the audience can ask things like “When will it happen, what will it be, and why does this virtually unknown concept frighten me?”... if you had plugged into your Smart Phone that July 24th - July 27th would be the time that you could stare into the face of the Abyss itself and also get its autograph… strike it from your schedule. It. Will not. Happen.

When reached for comment, a local resident known only for his distinctive tan jacket had this to say:
"That being said, we will still be in the area on July 26th, as part of our work with the Thrilling Adventure Hour. Please stay tuned for updates on that."
(Station Management interrupts this broadcast to inform you: There will be a bake sale on Friday. Woe, woe and flee, for the bake sale is coming. Also, since this article was written the details on the TAH/Nightvale team up have been announced, and can be found here.)

Readers, as grave as this news is, we must persevere. We must press on. For it is true that all moments of darkness are moments within a tunnel. And if we keep walking, no matter how slowly, we will eventually reach the light.

That’s all the news for now, my dear and valued. Stay tuned next for a distant scream set against alarming, chaotic noises.

Good night.

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