Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Found in the Alley vs The Ace of Geeks Movie War Super Draft Update 4!

Welcome back! It's been a shocking and tumultous two weeks in the movie war. We're not even into July yet, but this one might be over for one major competitor. Plus! A surprise hit closes the gap! All this and more in this week's update!

Your favorite podcast, The Ace of Geeks, and their ugly stepsister-podcast, Found in the Alley, have gone to battle over the summer movies. We each had 100 points, and used them to draft films from a list of thirty of the biggest releases coming out this year...and The Protector 2. Listen to the podcast that began the war for all of the rules and prizes, and check out Updates 1, 2 and 3 for everything that's gone down so far! Hit the jump for the details on this week!

20 movies are down. 13 are left. Let's see how we're shaking up.

Robert Fulkerson - Found in the Alley - 63.404,457
Robert seems like the underdog in this race. And currently, that's true. But taking a look at the movies he's got coming up shows that he could come back strong. Transformers 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy on their own could propel Robert into the lead, unless people suddenly decide they don't want to see movies about talking space raccoons and giant robots exploding next to carefully coiffed models. That seems unlikely.

Ryan Burton - Found in the Alley - 238,656,515
Ryan jumps into the lead this week with the release of 22 Jump Street, a film nobody really tried to outbid him for. While it's $57 million isn't exactly big numbers, Ryan's strategy of taking a lot of these small, unpredictable movies has paid off time and time again, building him a small fortune in profits. While the Ace of Geeks is still leading over all, Ryan is singlehandedly closing the gap for FitA.

Mike Fatum - Ace of Geeks - 171,221,713
We've said, over and over again, that Mike's hopes all rested on a stunning success of the film How to Train Your Dragon 2, the film his wife pushed him into spending all of his money on. How To Train Your Dragon 2 came out this week, and performed better than its predecessor, but not well enough to help Mike. The $49 million it pulled in was only $10 million more than Mike's previous children's film, Rio 2. With that disappointing fizzle, Mike only has two films left: raunchy comedy Sex Tape, and dancing movie Step Up: All In. Can either of these movies pull Mike out of his impending last place?

Probably not.

Jarys Maragopoulos - Ace of Geeks - 184,692,989
Jarys is in the lead for the Ace of Geeks, but lost his lead to Ryan this week. He also got some terrible news in the last few weeks, as Jupiter Ascending, his last big-budget pick, was delayed for half a year. His consolation pick, Hercules, doesn't drop for another few weeks - although it will probably do comparable money to whatever Jupiter Ascending was going to do. Other than that, his hopes lie with the Jeff Bridges-starring adaptation of the Giver.

Found in the Alley Total - 302,060,972
The Ace of Geeks Total - 355,914,702

The Ace of Geeks are still in the lead - barely. The rest of the summer will tell how the rest of the War will play out.

Mike Fatum is the Editor in Chief and Podcast Host for The Ace of Geeks. He loves movies, TV, Star Wars, He-man, Smash Bros, filmmaking, wrestling, Godzilla, and that's just everything that's on his desk right now. 

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