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Yesterday, I happened across this May 10th article by Andy Hunsaker. It talks about his chat with comics writer, and legend in his own time, Grant Morrison. The topic of Andy & Grant's conversation centered around two of Grant's upcoming projects: "Wonder Woman: Earth One," and also "Multiversity." Now, if any of you know me, you know that I can go on and on for hours upon hours about anything Wonder Woman related. Therefore, I'm going to stick to "Multiversity" and try to make this article short and sweet by getting to the point as soon as possible. 

This new "Multiversity" epic project is scheduled to release the 1st issue in August of this year. It's going to have rotating art teams, and most of all it will be a comprehensive guide to the many worlds of the DC multi-verse. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. However, in my day job, I'm an actor. This means in order to formulate opinions about things, I more often than not default to the human condition to be my predictor of events. In this case, I'm sorry to say, but to me the future is looking grim. Here's why:

In 1985 DC Comics had the CRISIS on INFINITE EARTHS. This was used as a tool to remove all the confusion from their infinite versions of characters, by collapsing all of the universes into one simple universe (Why they ever went away from this logical, common sense, and reasonable solution I'll NEVER understand).  

Crisis on Infinite Earths Art by Alex Ross

In 1994 ZERO HOUR is brought to life and a new timeline emerges (This is what I call, 'uh-oh. here we go again'). 

Zero Hour Cover #1

In 2005 INFINITE CRISIS, which is a kind of sequel to CRISIS on INFINITE EARTHS, happens and history is forever altered because the multi-verse is revisited. 

Infinite Crisis Artwork by Phil Jimenez

In 2008 FINAL CRISIS deals with Darkseid's plot to overthrow reality, and leads to the death and corruption of various DC characters and their universes. 

Final Crisis Cover

In 2011 FLASHPOINT was released and it paved the way for a change in the reality of the DC Universe and it's characters, also known as...

Flashpoint cover #!

2011's NEW 52...I won't even say what I'm thinking about that. (I will. It's awful. - Ed)

Justice Leage cover of DC's New 52 

So, here we are in the year of our Lord(s) 2014, and we are about to get an exciting new epic project released to us which breaks down the New 52 multi-verse. It will give you the ins n outs, dos n don't, and ups n downs of this fantastic realm. A "Hitchhikers Guide to the New 52," if you will. However, this is where I feel that the future might be looking grim. Oh, and as promised, will get right to the point. 

My question to the audience is this: If DC Comics keeps doing all of these reboots every few years to a decade, and everything that we know about this character is all just going to change again soon, what reason do we (you) as readers have to be invested? If everything is changing all the time, won't the reader base change with it? DC could be left with losing as many fans as titles they've cancelled.

DC's New 52 Lineup 

Multiversity Preview Cover

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