Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Marvel needs to stop making Ant-Man. NOW.

When I heard that Marvel wanted to make an Ant-Man movie, I named about twenty other Marvel characters I'd rather see. Characters like Moon Knight, Cloak and Dagger, Iron Fist come to mind. Or, I dunno, any other D-List super hero really. Ant-Man's thing is he gets really really small or really really big. Last time I checked, there weren't a lot of Kaiju in the Marvel universe, but maybe if Bruce Banner got a tick bite or something then he'd be useful.

Then I found out that Edgar Wright was going to be directing it. The guy behind the Cornetto Trilogy and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World? And got Paul Rudd and Michael freaking Douglass to star in it? Ok, Marvel, your ability to get interesting directors and actors has made me want to see the Ant-Man movie and I'm a little pissed that you duped me into it. I don't like being tricked into things, you damn crafty Marvel bastards!

Edgar Wright has proven to be a very versatile filmmaker over the years. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz weren't exactly groundbreaking in a visual sense but they certainly weren't lacking their own sense of flair. He really managed to step it up with Scott Pilgrim and The World's End, however, and both films really showed that he had an eye for amazing action sequences. The fight sequences in The World's End are some of my favorite in any movie and Scott Pilgrim had style to spare. Not to mention that the man has a keen instinct for comedic timing, which is on display in every single one of his films.

And then he left. After working on the damn movie for ten years. Avi Aarad said that the only reason they were even bothering with an Ant-Man movie was because of Edgar Wrights vision. And who did they get to replace him? Peyton Reed.... He's directed Yes Man, The Break-Up, and Bring it On... BRING IT ON. You have replaced a genius with a guy who hasn't been able to get a big screen gig since 2008! Maybe there was a reason for that, Disney.

The rumor mill is also buzzing with the fact that Edgar Wright left because of unwanted script re-writes. So the guy who wrote Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim (which almost doesn't count cause its an adaptation, I know) and The World's End is telling you that the script is shit, and you don't listen? Why don't you just call David Shit-stain Goyer over to do some re-writes and really fuck it all up?!

The Marvel and Disney team up has worked out great so far. Not every one of their films have been out of this world good, I know. The stand alone Thor films aren't spectacular, and the first Captain America film was simply ok, but they are capable of really making something special when they find the talent and stick with them. Jon Favreau was perfect for Iron Man, Joss Whedon was really the only guy who could have pulled The Avengers together (in my opinion) and Shane Black was an exceptional choice for Iron Man 3. The script for Captain America 2 was top notch!

Now, speaking of Cap 2, the brothers Russo weren't exactly established on the big screen when they were hired to direct that, coming mostly from a TV background. However, there was clearly something you saw in them, Marvel, that made you want to give them the gig. But on Ant-Man, you went from your first (smart) choice at Edgar Wright, YOUR BACK UP GUY TURNED YOU DOWN (and probably for really good reasons), and now your onto your third string quarterback in the fourth quarter of the game! (Is it ok to make sports references on Ace of Geeks? If not, TOO BAD)

Marvel, it's time to cut your losses on this Ant-Man movie. There is no chance of it being good and I really think the audiences are going to stay away from this one. You don't want Phase 3 (or is it 4 now? I can't keep track) to start with a dud. It will affect every other movie after Ant-Man and may derail this really interesting cinematic universe you have cooked up.

Kyle Johannessen is a writer and director of independent films based out of Massachusetts. Check out his latest work, Devil May Care.

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