Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thai Protesters Using Hunger Games Salute


  In case you have not been paying attention to South East Asian politics, of late, the Thai Military has overthrown the Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and abolished the previous government. This new regime has cracked down heavily on dissent, banning any public gathering of more than five people and criminalizing dissent. In response, Thai citizens have begun to congregate in flash mobs, mass gatherings planned in secret to gather and then disperse in moments. When they do gather, they raise their hands to the sky and extend three fingers in a familiar gesture of solidarity and defiance of tyranny.

     The use of geeky media, which often explores themes of social justice and injustice, to protest the powers that be is not new. Anonymous and Occupy protesters have been using Guy Fawkes masks since the movie adaption of V for Vendetta was released. Star Wars Imperial imagery has been used by global protesters to highlight their criticisms of tyranny on their opponents for over two decades. Then there is always street and popular art which uses Big Brother and other concepts from the book 1984 to put focus on mass surveillance and hypocrisy in those in authority. However, what makes the District 12 sign different from these gestures in that it does not require additional materials or media.A single person can make the sign, hopefully supported by a dozen others, and melt into the crowd.

     Aside from this news, a small word in editorial. This Ace of Geeks writer has this to say in solidarity with the people of Thailand:

- Jarys Maragopoulos

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