Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lego to Release Female Scientist Sets

     Lego, one of the most imaginative and versatile toy lines in the history of ever, have a reputation for imaginative fun for all ages and genders. However, while the company produces female figurines, the roles these figurines have filled have always been limited, perhaps because they do not produce a representative percentage of female figurine. The scientist figures have always been men, for instance. Until now, and gloriously so.

     Lego is releasing a line of scientist mini sets featuring all female contemporary scientists. Included will be Astronaut Sandra Magnus, physicist Lisa Randall, Primatologist Jane Goodall, Astronomer Jill Tartar, Oceanographer Jill Earle and Planetary Scientist Jill Porco [See picture below]. Additionally, these figurines will come with the paraphernalia of their trade, Goodall will have a chimpanzee figurine to study, for instance. This could be an exciting development for any parent with young girls. Lego toys have an incredible ability to inspire by engaging us to imagine and create. Now Lego will inspire girls to explore the sciences the same way it has inspired boys to be construction workers, Gas Station attendants, and space police officers from the Octane Nebula.

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  1. Thank goodness they are regular minifigs instead of the Lego: Friends barbie-like minifigs.