Monday, June 2, 2014

TONS of images from the Star Wars: Episode VII Set, and two new castmembers!

Thanks to (*sigh*) TMZ, we now have our first really good look at Tatooine in the newest Star Wars, and it looks utterly fantastic. Gritty, dirty people as far as the eye can see, rubber suits and practical effects abound, and some pieces of Ralph McQuarrie's art that were never used in the original trilogy are being recreated. It's a fantastic first step, and finally feels like Star Wars again. Hit the jump to see the whole album, but here's a taste:

In addition, two new cast members have just been announced to join the film, and thankfully, they're both women. Lupita Nyong'o, oscar winner from Twelve Years a Slave, and Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones have both joined the cast. Like in the previous casting announcements, no news has been given as to the parts they'll actually play, so I've got my fingers crossed that they didn't cast Lupita as some sort of alien or Sith - she's too good to waste on something like that. We've got our fingers crossed.

What do you guys think? Is Star Wars heading in the right direction, or are you still concerned? Sound off in the comments, and check out a few more leaked images below. Here's a link to the rest.

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