Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Ace of Geeks vs Found in the Alley - Movie Draft Super War Update 2

Update 1

Welcome back to the ongoing summer movie draft between The Ace of Geeks and our frenemies at Found in the Alley. Last week, the Ace of Geeks had a commanding lead, leaving their compatriots at FiTa in the dust. I'm pleased to report that very little has changed. Here's a quick refresher:
Found in the Alley challenged The Ace of Geeks to a movie draft at the beginning of the summer. (Check out the podcast where we drafted our movies here. We each started with 100 points, chose thirty-some movies to bid on, and engaged in bidding wars to pick movies for our own. If the Ace of Geeks wins overall, we get to pick a topic for the next Found in the Alley podcast, and vice versa.

God help us if they get to pick.

Robert Fulkerson - Found in the Alley - 34,622,211
Robert's total is the same as last week, because most of his big movies haven't hit yet. Found in the Alley is going to hit their stride closer to the end of the summer, and Robert's sitting pretty on Guardians of the Galaxy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and the unfortunately surefire Transformers 4.

Ryan Burton - Found in the Alley - 95,356,387
Again, no change, and again, Ryan's got some aces in the hole waiting to burst up his total. With TMNT, the Expendables 3, and Malificent still to come, the Ace of Geeks will have to hope that something unexpectedly flops.

Jarys Maragopoulos - The Ace of Geeks - 184,692,989
Jarys is the clear frontrunner right now, with smash-hits Godzilla and Days of Future Past in back to back weekends. But now it's a barren desert ahead, with only the Luc Besson film Lucy and the strangely-now-a-teen-romance The Giver left to boost his totals.

Mike Fatum - The Ace of Geeks - 121,770,391
It's all riding on the Dragons for Mike. He put a lot of his stock in the hit comedy Neighbors, which did great comedy-money, but not the kind of blockbuster money of a Godzilla. Besides a steady stream of dark horses like Sex Tape and the new Step Up movie, all of Mike's remaining points are holding on to the hope that How to Train Your Dragon 2 becomes the biggest summer hit of all time. Not super likely, but you never know.

Stay tuned to the Ace of Geeks blog, we'll be updating you on the draft at the start of every week. For the full details on who has what movies and how they did, check the google doc here:


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