Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hulu in talks to revive Community!

Say it with me now - Six Seasons and a Movie.



We were all disappointed, and frankly, a little depressed over here at the Ace of Geeks when it was revealed that Community was (once again) getting cancelled at the end of its fifth season. The fifth season was light years better than the lackluster fourth, and we all were praying the return to form meant the show might finally live the #sixseasonsandamovie dream we all shared. But NBC sent the show packing, deciding they'd given it enough of a chance. And the fans, having fought for so long to save a show in what seemed to be an uphill battle, they all went home.

But if you thought Community was dead, you might have been in a state of Dean-ial. (I'm so sorry.)

In an exclusive this week, Deadline Hollywood announced that Hulu was in talks with Community's producers at Sony Pictures TV to revive the series as one of their "Hulu Originals." Considering that so far, their originals have mostly been BBC programs never picked up over here, it would certainly be a big step for them. Hulu already has an agreement to air Community's previous library, so a Netflix-style deal to produce future seasons (and a movie! Sorry, can't stop myself.) in a binge-watch format is a great one.

Now, keep in mind these are still preliminary talks, and as much as we want them to come true, nothing is yet set in stone. Keep your eyes here, and we'll keep you up to date with more details.

What do you guys think - should Community stay dead, or is streaming the right home?

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