Sunday, January 11, 2015

Watch a Man Speedrun Ocarina of Time...Blindfolded

I hope you all kept up with this year's Awesome Games Done Quick. The week-long, 24 hour event brings speedrunners from around the world together to accomplish things that no one's ever done before, for your entertainment and for charity. This year, they raised 1.3 million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Last night, the second to last stream was one of the most impressive I've ever seen. A runner known as Runnerguy2489 spent an hour and a half running the masterpiece known as The Ocarina of Time...blindfolded. It's insane to watch - Runnerguy knows where he is pretty much at all times, just based on the games music and sound fx, and his own muscle memory. He pulls off tricks that would make most speedrunners tremble, and does it without his eyes. Hit the jump to watch the full run, and be amazed yourself.

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