Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Trailer for The Expanse

The Syfy Channel, of late, has been trying to shed their few years of producing lots of non-science fiction related content. The years of being ashamed of their own name are hopefully over, and one of the biggest steps they can make to get this right is to do a series based on James S. A. Corey's The Expanse right. They've released their first trailer for that series today, and god does it look promising. Check it out after the jump.

The Expanse - a series of books that starts with the excellent Leviathan Wakes, deals with a future in which mankind has mostly conquered the solar system. Earth is an idyllic paradise, in contrast to the bleak, still-being-terraformed Mars. Mars and Earth have been in conflict for years, a conflict that will now be pushed to the brink by an uprising from the Asteroid Belt. It's a fascinating world, where each form of humanity - Earthlings, Martians and Belters, have evolved in their environments in very different ways, and the central politics are just as important as the spaceships shooting at each other. Think of Game of Thrones, in space, with some elements of Call of Cthulu and you'll have a pretty good idea how awesome this series is.

The question is, can Syfy get it right? The trailer looks promising, the cast looks good (Thomas Jane wasn't my first choice, but I'm sure Syfy can't afford Al Pacino.), and the world looks like it should feel. The question is, can they work around the slightly lower budget to give us the series the source material deserves? We'll see when the Expanse premieres later in 2015.

UPDATE: James. S. A. Corey assures us our concerns about the budget on Syfy are unfounded. Which sounds exciting as hell.

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