Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Valve Announcement Part 2: The Steam Machines! - Valve's first Gaming PC!

The Steam Box. It's been hinted at, wondered about, and rumored for what seems like years and years now - not quite as long as we've been waiting for Half Life 3, mind you. The idea of Valve entering into the living room console space with their own, dedicated gaming PC seems like a dream come true, and now it IS true.

In the second part of their three-part announcements today, Valve unveiled the Steam Machines, a group of machines they're building with partners in the PC gaming space to bring Steam OS to your living room. While no partners are announced yet, we're guessing it'll be more of your boutique PC makers like iBuyPower than your Gateways and Dells.

Now, here's the cool part: Valve is letting YOU beta test their prototype Steam Machine. Head over to this page for all the details. You have until October 25th. Go go go!

And remember, this is only one of THREE announcements.



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