Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rejoyce, citizens of Strongbadia! Homestar is Coming back

     Citizens of Strongbadia, Free Country USA will be allowing internet visitors to once more espy the going-ons of their favorite denzinesy.  Though the itty bitty tid-bit were were given in April was deemed to be a ploy to fool the fools of April, an anonymous tipster has told the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Podcast that there is more to come. More Strong Bad? More Homestar? More hidden features?

Ok....I'll get to the quote. -Ed

     This whistleblower, going by the nomme D'internet Matt Chapman, had many secrets to tell. "When we did that April Fools update this year, way more people looked at it than we ever even imagined would have at this point. Our goal — we did that thing as sort of a test to get back into doing it." He went on, we imagine, after adjusting his luxurious and identity concealing false mustachio  "We'd love to start making things again...It depends on how whole-hog we go, if we give Strong Bad a Twitter or Strong Sad a Tumblr."

     A Twitter....for Strong Bad? Are those tears in my eyes?

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