Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Answer to Life, the Geekiverse, and Everything: an Ode to Nerding out- Jarys


     We have been kicking around the idea of adding some fiction to our blog, when our intelligent and attractive writers have some fiction to share. I hope to have some to share with you soon, but, for now, I hope this poem will hold you over. A few hundred years ago, English writers would preface works of fiction with poems, often Anthems or Odes. Below is my attempt to create such a thing. You don't have to be polite, tear it apart in the comments. Or share it with your friends and get them to send me hate mail. I NEED CRITIQUE TO IMPROVE KTHX.

     More seriously, I tried to write a love letter to the feeling of what the Dwarves of Discworld call "Craic" or "the sheer pleasure about what you are doing and where you are doing it." Let's call that last detail context, and context is certainly important. If you read further, you will find that I tried to identify what contexts were good for Craic and what contexts were bad for Craic. Of course, all references to death or loss of life are purely metaphorical. Please enjoy and I hope we have more for you soon!

"My Answer to Life, the Geekinerse, and Everything

There is a lust in all of us
Whose eyes are bound to sheen
When tale or game is on its way
From the page, stage, or screen.

Need not be crude, this lust of ours.
In harmony, it soars.
When we grow past such jealousy
As "Star Trek or Star Wars"

The chastity that exists free
From foul silence and shame
Is just as pure as that which holds
Vibrant desire lame

But such chastity is not found
When life is by lust scourn'd.
Obsession stunts the lusty fan
whose loss from life is mourn'd.

To turn to joy, but from the world
In which the self takes wing,
Is to shun self, future and friends
Who'd, your geek anthem, sing

To live life full is to enjoy
That which is good to you.
With no rancor for what you don't
like nor for those that do

If there is lust that kills there must
Then be the other kind,
Which drives the impassioned to life
And helps strengthen the mind.

So it matters not your fandom
Nor hobby devoted.
Hark! Leave no playful dice unrolled
Nor movie unquoted.

To love what you are doing and
of all scoffers forgive
Is the divine essence of life,
For to love is to live!"

Creative Commons License, Jarys Maragopoulos 2014


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