Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Terminator: Genisys Trailer Looks...Really Good?

It's been plagued with rumors of terribleness, and a time travel plot more convoluted than Primer. And then there's that title - who thought a Syfy style misspelling of Genesis was a good idea? The Terminator series hasn't been anything to write home about since James Cameron moved on to bigger and better things in the 90s. So why would anybody hold out any hope for the sequel to be good? Short answer: we didn't, and then this trailer came along. Hit the jump to see the full thing.

I'm taking this thing with a grain of salt, and you should, too. There have been many, many trailers that hook us and make us excited for a movie that turns out to be utter crap. (Man of Steel, anyone?) And there have been many disappointments to the Terminator name before. But man, this thing looks like it respects Terminator history in a way I was really looking forward to. That shot for shot recreation of Kyle's time travel in the original Terminator hit me something fierce. The fact that Sarah is the one who knows what's happening, while Kyle's out in the cold, is a fascinating change. And the upgraded action looks wild in a good way. It remains to be seen whether this will live up to the newfound hype this trailer brings out in us, but this film just went from an "eh" to a "I'll see it," for me.

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