Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cautionary Datafile - Poem

Beware, children, of ladies with gums of blackened hue.
Though her face has life's pallor, she oft gives death its due.
Her mouth hides dark carbon, and machines small as a mite,
At will they fold carbon into diamond vorpal bite.
Protect the precious data fused to your young blood.
For it's enough to sate a dark rose's graying bud.
Through your heart beats knowledge they'll keep in a bio-seal.
For a darker purpose do dark ladies, children's blood, steal.
Future's hope, you children are, that we have made true.
Halcyon crafts and customs, our injected gifts to you.
Pulled into a culture of duality we fight,
envy of sick savag'ry, our sanguine nanosite.
We clash like soap and water, which clean with confused sud,
and cooler sea and driest earth, mixed form primal mud.
Fear not the ghoulish lady, the wages of her meal
she knows not, she'll become us. We, her. All to flux kneel.

(Copyright Jarys Maragopoulos 2010)

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