Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Legend of Korra Book 4 Coming THIS October!

They look so happy!

We've literally just finished reviewing the finale of the Legend of Korra, which means that it's time to settle in for a nice long wait. It was a couple of years between Seasons One and Two, after all. No new Korra for the time being then, I guess I'll just watch-


The Legend of Korra is coming back October 3rd?

Like...THIS October 3rd?

Yes, in a pretty stunning move, Nickelodeon has decided to not make anybody wait for more Korra. While they're not going full Netflix and releasing the whole season at once, starting in a few weeks, we're getting more Korra on our internets every single Friday. Just not on our TVs, because Nick doesn't want us to do that anymore.

Stay tuned to the Ace of Geeks for more thoughts on Korra as this story develops!

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