Friday, October 31, 2014

Get a First Look at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

In 2009, Seth Grahame-Smith came up with the idea of taking the original Jane Austen text of Pride and Prejudice, and editing in his own zombie subplots to make something completely new and different. It began a chain reaction that would end with the movie adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Thanks to the folks at  Entertainment Weekly, we now have our first look at the stars of the film, in costume and ready to kick ass. Hit the jump to see it.

Now that's...actually pretty darn awesome. Be still, my heart. Writer director Burt Steers says that the first thing he did was, "reinsert all the Pride and Prejudice beats," so we  should be looking at a true hybrid when the film releases.

What about you guys? Are you excited to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies when it hits theaters in 2015?

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