Monday, August 26, 2013

Dark Horse to produce more Serenity Comics - but is it something more?

Dark Horse Comics quietly released the above image last Friday. It's one of those internet teaser thingies, this time for the idea that Dark Horse is producing more Firefly/Serenity comics. not a huge surprise. Dark Horse has been producing Firefly comics for years, including the excellent should've-been-the-plot-of-the-movie Those Left Behind, and the disappointing Shepard's Tale. So what makes this different?

Well, it also included this image:

Hmm. Now that doesn't seem like a side tale or a piece of backstory. That seems like a teaser for a continuation of the series. Could Firefly be getting a new season in comic form, just like Buffy and Smallville before it? Queue the internet mildly freaking out. (Spoilers for Serenity the movie after the jump.)

 To me, though, this is a mistake. Firefly worked as well as it did because of the relationships of the little family that lived and worked on that ship. To continue the story, or at least, to continue it without throwing out the movie wholesale, they would need to move on without the heart and soul of the story: Wash and Book. Without Wash's laughter and loyalty, and Book's guidance, not to mention with Inara off the ship, we're left with mostly broken or depressed people. Obviously they'll put Inara back on board as soon as possible, but that still leaves us with a really weird dynamic that I just don't think will work as well.

I'd have loved to see another season of Firefly, I really would. But not in the state that the crew was left after Serenity. To me, the magic would be gone.

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