Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Xbox One Delayed to 2014 in Eight Markets

The Xbox One, previously launching this November in 21 markets around the world, has now reduced that number to 14. Microsoft has listed the usual localization reasons, and needing to partner up for apps in the now-left-out eight countries. The list of countries still getting it in November is:

• Australia
• Austria
• Brazil
• Canada
• France
• Germany
• Ireland
• Italy
• Mexico
• Spain
• United Kingdom
• United States
• New Zealand

While those left out in the cold are:

• Belgium
• Denmark
• Finland
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Russia
• Sweden
• Switzerland

The ones in Europe amuse me the most, as they can literally drive for an hour or two and get their very own console in November. People of Europe - is it very difficult to import, say, a French console if you live in Belgium?

For Microsoft's education.

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