Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Google Maps: A Closet Whovian. By Jon Cain

            I am a Google user. I know they keep track of me, and use my browsing data to try to sell me stuff, but I don't care.   When I start my web browser of choice,  my home page of Google pops up to greet me. I see it, and it looks like the face of an old friend.  However much as I like the search engine, the web browser, and the Android O.S.  I am not a fan of Google Maps. To be frank following Google Maps has gotten me horribly lost on more then one occasion.  I detested Google Maps until today.  “What could have happened to change my hardened heart?” one could ask.  It wasn't good directions, for once. It wasn't a new layout or new innovative design. No this was simply a noble little Easter egg. 

It's bigger...on the - well, you know the rest.

            Who am I kidding it is THE MOTHER BLEEPING TARDIS!!!!  I kind of feel a little like William Shakespeare's Juliet “ My only love sprung from my only hate!  Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me,  That I must love a loathed enemy.”

I know it is kind of weird but damn it is true. I want to hate Google Maps, but now I can't.  There are three things in my humble opinion that assure us there is a God and he loves us.  These are in no  particular order:  Table Top Role Playing Games, Transformers, and Doctor Who.  To know that one of those three has made such an impact on the world, that Google puts an Easter Egg in. It makes me want to have a geekgasm to the point of almost unconsciousness. They have not invented words to describe how epic Google Maps have now become.  The moment they put the Autobots’  headquarters or the entrance to the Underdark I will never  leave.  It would  be almost to perfect  to view with our mortal eyes.
This is MY suggestion for the next one. -Ed
                  Even though the last two will probably never happen we still have The Tardis.   We can now know what it would be like to walk around in it in first person. Get a feel for what it might be like to be The Doctor or a companion.  Exploring the control panel getting to see the heart of the Tardis.  Seeing for yourself it is really truly bigger on the inside then the out.  Just talking about this makes me all giddy, it is really hard to hold back my  waves of geekgasms  the more and more I gush over this amazing Easter egg.  Some how calling it an Easter Egg seems to not do it justice though.  I mean this thing can't be contained by something as miniscule and insignificant as an Easter egg.  This is the T-REX Egg of All Easter eggs my friends.  We all need show it  the kind of respect that it deserves.  I am not saying you need to pledge a blood oath, or sacrifice a fatted calf or goat. You should however take a few moments of silence and send a thank you prayer to the Whovians at Google.  

                  For those of you who want to try this, and I know you do, here is the link:       http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/13/google-maps-doctor-who-tardis-easter-egg/
This link will have all of the instructions and everything you to know  to experience this for yourself.   I know personally that if this is a preview of things to come from Google Maps. They may have brought me back into the fold. Clearly they have a good bead on what the users like and are not afraid to give us bonus stuff like this. Yeah it may serve no point other then to waste time, but it is The Tardis and that  my friends is never a waste. So go forth my fellow Whovians spread the news. The Doctor has taken over Google Maps and reap the benefits.   

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