Monday, September 9, 2013

G4 TV to...NOT shut down?

According to the fine folks at Kotaku, this morning it was announced that G4, the gamer/somewhat geeky television channel, would not be shutting down after all. They would instead be replacing their Style channel with an Esquire-based channel. G4, will remain "as it is right now, for the foreseeable future." For those of you who haven't followed this story, this is after G4's parent company cancelled their two original shows, Attack of the Show and X-play and fired all the on-air talent.

Soo....there's no original programming left, the people who worked at the channel are there just going to be a big robot sitting in G4 headquarters who presses the "show a Cops rerun" button?

I'm honestly baffled. Here's a picture of Alison Haislip, because why not?

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