Thursday, September 5, 2013

The first trailer for the new Robocop!

We've seen bits and pieces and teases for the new Robocop movie over the past year or so, but finally we get to see the new guy in motion. And it looks...well, see what you think:

I'm intrigued. It's hitting all the beats from the original, with minor changes to make it its own thing. That's good. Still, the whole "stripped down modern remake of an 80s action flick" thing didn't work too well for Total Recall, and there's always the chance the fast cuts and neat bits of this trailer are hiding a lot. With a cast that includes Samuel L Jackson, Jackie Earl Haley, and Gary Oldman I'm crossing my fingers that this one will be one of the decent remakes. Like the Karate Kid. And....the...Karate...Kid...

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