Friday, February 20, 2015

Episode 139 - Dundracon 2015

The Ace of Geeks returns to Dundracon, and Dylan, Jim, Frank, Ben, and Ryan and Robert from Found in the Alley join us to break down our experiences! First, we'll discuss Robert and Ryan's FATE Accelerated L5R LARP, before we dive into an X-wing miniatures Assault on the Death Star, the Ace of Geeks' murder mystery, Mecha vs Kaiju, and much much more!

Episode 139!


  1. On Jarys and trans characters:

    This year, I attended Big Bad Con for the first time. It was my first trip up to a Bay Area con in a while, and the first time I actually got to know Mike and Jarys.

    My absolute favorite moment of that con happened at the beginning of my X-men game that Mike played in and that was short a player. Mike shouted across the room at Jarys, trying to entice them away from a game of Quiet Year that was about to start with the prospect of playing the Native American Genderqueer Mutant character I'd created for my game.

    Jarys was clearly tempted, but did the right thing and didn't abandon the other game, and the person who played the character instead did a wonderful job of it. But Jarys's reaction really affirmed my decision to create that character--and indeed my decision to create that game--it showed me a lot about the power and responsibility that a GM has in creating a world and the characters who populate it.