Sunday, May 10, 2015

Geekly Roundup for May 10th - Superheroic Mother's Day Edition!

This week on Geekly Roundup, Mark, Jon and Mike discuss 3D printed D&D Monsters, which turns into a discussion about why Fantasy doesn't seem to be able to break through to the mainstream. Then they discuss a hacker getting banned in Guild Wars 2, which turns into a discussion on continuing to consume media you hate, and why we do that. THEN they discuss Agent Carter's return, which turns into a discussion on the availability of TV, piracy, and binge-watching vs experiencing TV week by week! It's a world of fascinating tangents this week!

 GW 2 Hacker Gets Stripped, Humiliated
This past week, Guild Wars 2 devs played a little bit of extra punishment on a hacker who'd annoyed everyone in the game with a bit of fun at their expense. And then players freaked out, as they're wont to do.

3D Printing the Monter Manual
Reddit user mz4250 has been spending months carefully modeling the D&D Monster Manual, one monster at a time, and 3D printing it on Shapeways. Wizards of the Coast sent him a DMCA takedown notice, and he reached out to see if there was anything he could do. What happens next will shock you! (Just kidding, they let him keep doing it on a different site, one they had an agreement with.)
Agent Carter is Renewed for a Second Season!
Everybody party! One of our favorite shows from last year is coming back for a second go round. On the podcast, we discuss this in depth, including why Mike wants to marry Agent Carter. Not Hayley Atwell, Peggy Carter.


A New Redletter Review of Star Wars!
Mirror's Edge 2 Gets a Release Date!
Leaked Email from Marvel CEO Reveals His Doubts on Female-Led Films
Rogue Cut of X-men Days of Future Past Release Date
New Trailer for Mr. Holmes!
Joss Whedon Wasn't Driven from Twitter by Feminists
Drizzt is back!
SyFy to Adapt Brave New World
Clive Barker to Tell the Tale of Slenderman
Supergirl Gets Full Season Order
Lighthouse of Alexandria to be Rebuilt in its Original Location
DC, Didio Respond to Comic Royalty Controversy
GTA V's Confusing Mod Situation
A 3D Printed Gun?!
Nintendo Rides Coming to Universal Studios!
Avengers: Infinity War to Be Filmed Entirely in IMAX
First Trailer for Sense 8!
Rosario Dawson to Return for Season 2 of Daredevil
Russian Hologram Protects Disabled Parking
A "Forever" Star's Touching Tribute to Fans

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