Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Void Wants to Create A Virtual Reality Battlefield

Announced today, The Void is looking to put laser tag out of business. The company is getting us closer than ever before to a Holodeck, by combining virtual reality devices (of their own design, but similar to the Oculus Rift), with real spaces designed for you to interact. When you press a panel in a sci-fi shooter, there will actually be something there for you to press. When you hide around a corner from the horrifying monster in a survival horror game, the corner will be there. As will the spider webs you have to push through to escape.

It's an absolutely ambitious idea, and there's certainly a market for it. When I was watching the trailer (see below), I got goosebumps at the idea of finally getting to get together with my friends and fight a dragon, and feel like I was really there. It sounds utterly amazing.

Of course, grains of salt must abound. There's a lot of tech and partner info on their official site, but no actual people or credits involved. This could be an incredible experience, or it could be the second coming of Disney Quest. We'll have to wait, cross our fingers and see. Check out the trailer:

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