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Geekly Roundup: Wil Wheaton Edition -- Feb. 27th

Welcome to the Geekly Roundup, a quick survey of some of the topics we've latched onto from all around the Web this week!  Each week, we're planning to post some of the interesting news that doesn't make it into the rest of the blog, for whatever reason.

Beginning, of course, with Star of the Internet Wil Wheaton.

 There Came An Echo Released on Steam

Ever wanted to boss Wil Wheaton around?  Well, here's your chance!  Straight from Wheaton himself, Iridium Studios' There Came An Echo released on Steam this week.  The game features voice commands and is a squad-based strategy game in which Wheaton, as well as Ashly Burch from Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin? and Yuri Lowenthal, among others.

 Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition

Featured in the first season of Wheaton's Tabletop, the Dragon Age RPG brings one of your favorite BioWare franchises to the pen and paper format!  Adventure in Orlais, Ferelden, and beyond in a new, classy, red leatherbound edition.  In exchange, BioWare will happily take your $100; vials of darkspawn blood aren't legal tender, though.

  Sans Bullshit Sans: A Font for Uber-Modern Web 2.0 Unicorns

If you spend any time at all surrounded by uber-tech innovation or marketese, you'll probably want a look at this amazing font.  With the power of internet ligatures (required for the font/page to work), the font takes commonly used 'marketese' buzzwords and calls them what they are.  Try it yourself on the page!

  Glassdoor: Cloud Imperium Games

For anyone curious about what it would be like to work for the company behind the highly polarizing Star Citizen, some looks into the way the business is run, purportedly from within the company.

  Powers Trailer Promises "Everyone Has A Choice"

CBR brings us a look at the latest trailer for Sony and the PlayStation Network's Powers, based on the excellent Bendis/Oeming comic of the same name.  It gives us a dramatic look at Christian Walker watching superheroes battling in the skies of Chicago, and a little bit of insight into Walker as a Powers detective -- and March 10th, the Powers release date, suddenly seems right around the corner in the best way.

  Facebook Adds Suicide Prevention Tools, Freeform Gender Choice

A quick but lovely write-up on The Mary Sue about two major changes to Facebook and the new tools it's putting into play to help address the issue of suicide and social media and make the social media giant more inclusive to those that identify as a gender other than the classic binary of male and female (or, more recently, the several other options Facebook has begun including in this field.)

  David Fielding Returns to Power Rangers for Zordon of Eltar Fan Film

David J. Fielding, best known to children of the 80s and 90s as the legendary Morphin Master Zordon, has joined the voice cast of the fan-made prequel Zordon of Eltar as the voice of the villainous King Mondo.  To learn more about the film, start with the trailer here or check out the movie's page on Facebook.

  New Fantastic Four Images Showcase "Amblin-Style" Aesthetic

Screenrant fills us in on the latest Fantastic Four news following a recent Josh Trank interview with Empire.  Check out some new images of the cast -- while none of them are overly dynamic, they provide a strong sense of the aesthetic, lighting, and tone that the movie has developed.

  Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Hires Hentai Artist to Design Female Armor

If we were still giving out a Deuce of Geeks award, we'd be considering putting it here.  Always resolute in their search for inclusion and modern sensibility, Bandai Namco hired an artist best known for hentai to design loot-drop armor for Ivy and Amy.  It turned out...about how you'd expect, really, and The Mary Sue puts it very well.

  Lewd New Wearable Charges Your Devices Through, Um, Shake Weights

In a similar vein with an electric twist, Gizmodo isn't afraid to tell you about Pornhub's new wearable, rechargeable battery.  We'd tell you how exactly you charge it, but Gizmodo has already used up as many painful jokes as they can muster.  Besides, you're all very smart, and it's Pornhub.  We trust you'll put two and two together.  (Or one.  Alone.  By themselves.)

  Forgotten Trek: Designing the Enterprise-C

A really neat look at the design process for the Ambassador-class U.S.S. Enterprise-C, from the fan-favorite TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise".  The discussions center around the idea of the Ambassador-class as a "missing link" between the Excelsior-class and Galaxy-class ships, and provides a neat look into some of the design decisions and production choices made by the staff of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  Wil Wheaton: "I've Found Serenity, And You Can't Take The Sky From Me"

Bringing things full circle, here's Wil Wheaton again lending his voice talents to gaming -- this time to the male player character in none other than Firefly Online.  Wil is incredibly excited about the opportunity, and the press release blurb promises everything you could hope for from Wil Wheaton as a browncoat (Chinese swearing included).  Take a look at the link for Wil's words on the matter!

(Wil also posted his own remembrance of Leonard Nimoy, available here, which we strongly recommend.)

Thanks for sticking through our first Geekly Roundup -- we aim to have more each week to highlight news and other stuff that we think is pretty awesome.  If there's a topic or piece of news you'd like to see more of, leave us a comment or drop us a line via email!

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