Friday, March 27, 2015

Sony Secures "Robotech" Rights

After years in development ice, Robotech may see the silver screen yet after being picked up by Sony for production by Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (of “300”, among others), as Variety reports.

Though the rights to Robotech had last lain with Warner Brothers, Sony has picked up the title and views it as a potential long-term franchise of movies.

The rights to Robotech are a complicated morass due to its source material; rights for Macross and Southern Cross are not entirely Sony’s or Harmony Gold’s, but the stories of Rick Hunter and Lynn Minmei are now available for spinning off, rebooting, or any number of potential stories.

It’s been the Decade of the Reboot so far, and Robotech may be no exception — Sony apparently wants to start production quickly, according to the article; hopefully, the first Robotech movie, which already has attached Michael Gordon as scriptwriter, will make its way to the silver screen soon without languishing in the oft-cliched but all-too-real development hell.

For more on the impact of Robotech on Western culture and acceptance of anime, check out this great article from Blastr featured in last week’s Geekly Roundup.

Ben Fried-Lee is a blogger, podcaster, and baseball fan in the Bay Area who, like you, still can’t decide whether or not he’s morally opposed to rebooting everything under the sun. He’s slated to be rebooted next month, and played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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