Thursday, March 19, 2015

Morena Baccarin to Play Copycat in Deadpool movie

So much ink is spilled over whether one actress makes a female character strong, or whether one role makes a feminist icon, so let's take a larger look, shall we? Fair warning ths is written by a man.

Morena Baccarin first came on my radar as Inara on Firefly. A "companion," something like historical geisha, a woman who is equally comfortable coaching a client in how to improve their life under a stifling parent as she is with them in bed.

After the movie Serenity I lost track of her until Gotham when she stepped into the role of Leslie Thompkins, a take no prisoners physician who very quietly shatters the preconceptions of a woman's place in any workplace putting herself out front of a murder investigation that stymies the big guns of GCPD homicide.

And now we get to see her as Copycat. For those unfamiliar with Vanessa here's a brief rundown.  This is the woman who made her first appearance shooting Deadpool in the back, backed Cable down while tied to a chair and is generally one of the biggest badasses in the 616. This arc of Ms. Baccarin's career is gearing up to give all geeks another positive female role model.

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