Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trailer for "Mr. Holmes" starring Ian McKellan

Straight from Sir Ian McKellan's FB page, the trailer for "Mr. Holmes" gives us a brief look at what the aging detective is up to now. Directed by Bill Conda, it's based on the 2005 novel "A Slight Trick of Mind" by Mitch Cullen. Miramax has the distribution rights. The cast includes Laura Linney as the housekeeper Mrs. Munro, and Milo Parker as her son Roger.

In 1947, having just returned from Japan and seen the horrors of war for himself, Sherlock Holmes retires to his bee farm. As he reflects back on his life, he deals with unresolved issues and tries to come to terms with his own aging and the slow loss of his brilliant mind. He becomes increasingly reliant on his housekeeper's young son for help solving the case that led him to retire from detective work altogether, and forges a friendship with the boy along the way.

The film looks like a really interesting new take on an old mythos, and we can't wait to see McKellan as an older, cantankerous Holmes.

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