Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Max Landis and All of His Friends Will Make You a Wrestling Fan

Max Landis, writer of Chronicle and about a billion other things that are coming soon, is a huge nerd. You may have figured this out because he wrote Chronicle. He's been seen before giving his ideas on one of Superman's sillier storylines, in a Drunk-History-Style-clip that nearly broke the internet in half. Now he's back, and he's covering one of our favorite topics: Professional Wrestling. Yes, Max argues, wrestling isn't "real." But neither is Game of Thrones, and you all eat that up. If you've got twenty five minutes of your life to give today, go watch the life story of one Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and how twenty years of backstage politicking and stomping around has made for one compelling story. Check it out after the jump.

With Chloe Dykstra doing an impeccable job in the role originated by Paul Levesque, the film is a romp through three decades of wrestling history, with cameos from just about everyone you would ever want to see. Stick through the whole thing, it's seriously worth it.

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