Thursday, March 12, 2015

DC Gives Wonder Woman Spikes, and Superman Bloody Hands

DC announced some major changes to the costumes of two of their major characters today, and they're...well, they're pretty on point for how DC has been, the last few years. As you can see above, Wonder Woman finally gets a costume that isn't a swimsuit - but it's a weird clash of colors, with giant shoulder pads,  and she now has Wolverine-ish blades coming out of her arms in a twist that screams mid-nineties. Meanwhile. Superman has decided to wear Kon-El's old outfit, because they wanted to make cosplaying as him easier I guess? And, of course, he's got his hands wrapped in bloody wrappings while blood drips on the floor all around him. Because if there's one thing Superman stands for, it's punching people until they bleed.

God damn it, DC.

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