Friday, April 3, 2015

ABC Considering Return of The Muppet Show

Consider this the Best News this Friday.

The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that ABC Studios is considering moving ahead with a new Muppet Show series. Bill Prady, co-creator of the Big Bang Theory, and Bob Kushell, creator of Anger Management and 3rd Rock From the Sun, are currently in the process of writing a pilot script that they will present to ABC at May's presentation to advertisers. If the advertisers like it, the show could be ordered directly to series. THR's sources say the pilot concerns bringing Ms. Piggy back into the fold after she and Kermit are on the rocks once again.

Man, there's so much to hate in that paragraph. The Big Bang Theory, Anger Management, Advertisers being in control of the Muppets' fate....but we're so friggin' excited at the prospect of a new Muppet Show coming into our lives that I'll let it go, and simply be content with this:

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